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Proof of Concept on integrating German Identity Scheme with U-Prove technology and new HealthVault Service

Fraunhofer FOKUS and Microsoft, with the support of Bundesdruckerei GmbH, have been working together in Germany to design a privacy-enabled identity system to support a new generation of online services. A proof of concept has been developed that illustrates increased preservation of privacy by minimizing the unnecessary collection, sharing, and disclosure of identity information.

The proof of concept makes use of Microsoft's new technical preview of the U-Prove privacy-protecting technology. The scenario shown in the video illustrates how a citizen can use a government-issued identity to exchange identity information with a commercial service in a privacy-optimized way. In this instance, the citizen uses her digital identity to register with Microsoft's HealthVault service in order to pursue her healthcare and wellness goals.

Further Information

  • U-Prove CTP Release 2: For further information about the technical, cryptographic, and interoperability details of the new release.
  • Bundesdruckerei GmbH: Berlin-based Bundesdruckerei GmbH is one of the world's leading companies engaged in the development and supply of systems solutions for secure identification applications.

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