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CODE FOR MSJ JANUARY 1997 ISSUE: CODE MSJJAN97.exe (248,269 Bytes)

Editor's Note
Dave Edson
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek
Win32 Q&A
Jeffrey Richter
Don Box
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia
More Fun with MFC: DIBs, Palettes, Subclassing, and a Gamut of Reusable Goodies

Writing real-world apps in MFC is never as simple as the sample programs found in the documentation. Paul DiLascia develops a set of reusable MFC classes that are the result of writing a genuine app, and shares them here in the first part of this series.
Paul DiLascia

A Crash Course on the Depths of Win32 Structured Exception Handling

Sure, you may use _try and _except in your C++ code, but have you ever wondered what's going on under the hood? Matt Pietrek goes where almost no one has gone before, diving into the abyss of SEH and surfacing with a human-readable explanation.
Matt Pietrek

Hide Your Data and Make Objects Responsible for Their Own User Interfaces, Part III

In the conclusion of this series, Allen Holub shows you the actual working sample code for his Forms-based application—one that keeps the data hidden inside the objects and completely conforms to object-oriented programming techniques.
Allen Holub

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