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Editor's Note
Dave Edson
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek
Wicked Code
Jeff Prosise
Visual Programmer
Shepherd & Wingo
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia
Give ActiveX-based Web Pages a Boost with the Apartment Threading Model

Starting with Internet Explorer 3.0, ActiveX controls have been enriching Web pages. By following three simple rules, you can make sure your controls conform to the apartment threading model, which drastically boosts Web page performance.
David Platt

Building Multitiered Client/Server Apps with Visual Basic 4.0 Enterprise Edition, Part II

In this installment, Jenny Notestein writes and walks you through the actual Reporting System API code. Follow along as a SQL table turns into an HTML-based report, and issues such as security and optimization are discussed.
Jenny Notestein

Visual Basic 5.0 Relieves the Pain and Discomfort of ActiveX Control Creation

Now that Visual Basic® 5.0 allows developers to crank out ActiveX controls with great ease, it's time to jump onto the bandwagon. Come explore how objects, properties, and methods are tackled in the first part of this series.
Brent Guy Eddon and Henry Eddon

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