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CODE FOR MARCH 1997 ISSUE: CODE MSJMAR97 (337,234 Bytes)
Editor's Note
Dave Edson 5
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek 79
Win32 Q&A
Jeffrey Richter 85
Don Box 93
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia 109

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain! Write Your Own C++ AppWizards

AppWizard makes it a lot easier to get projects started with Visual C++®. To make life even simpler, you can create your own code templates and wizard pages, building custom AppWizards that will generate whatever applications you need.
Walter Oney


Visual Basic 5.0 Relieves the Pain and Discomfort of ActiveX Control Creation, Part II

Continuing their look at Visual Basic® and ActiveX components, Guy and Henry Eddon explain events and methods, then show how to develop components that will work properly in both Visual Basic-based applications and Web pages.
Guy Eddon and Henry Eddon


More Fun with MFC: DIBs, Palettes, Subclassing, and a Gamut of Goodies, Part II

This month, Paul DiLascia continues writing his MFC-based Quick View application and shows you all the cool tricks he learned along the way. The reusable MFC classes he creates here will be useful in your own development projects.
Paul DiLascia

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