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Editor's Note
Dave Edson
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek 73
Wicked Code
Jeff Prosise 79
Visual Programmer
Shepherd and Wingo 87
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia 93

The Windows CE SDK: The Tools You Need to Program the Handheld PC

The Win32® API is still the basis for developing apps for Windows® CE devices. But developers targeting this new class of hardware will have to follow special programming guidelines and use new tools such as the Handheld PC Emulator.
Neil Fishman and Jeffrey Richter


Behind the Scenes at MSN 2.0: Architecting an Internet-Based Online Service

Getting MSN 2.0 up and working was a huge task involving complex communications among server machines, as well as frugal programming on the client. In this case study, the MSN Development team shares its solutions.
Alok Sinha, Don Clore, and Dale Phurrough


Tiptoe Through the Tooltips With our All-Encompassing ToolTip Programmers’ Guide

MFC supports ToolTips in vanilla Application Framework-based programs, but there are plenty of apps that need more support. Find out how you can enhance existing ToolTip classes, roll your own new classes, and add ToolTips to your Web pages.
Roger Jack

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