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Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek  
Visual Programmer
Shepherd and Wingo 
John Robbins 
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia
Build MTS Components with Visual Basic for Deployment in Your ASP-Based Apps

There are several benefits to moving your business logic and data access code out of ASP pages and into COM-based DLLs. Code is easier to maintain, you can use a multitier design, and your app can exploit the integration between IIS and the MTS runtime.
Ted Pattison    


For the Telephony API, Press 1; For Unimodem, Press 2; or Stay on the Line

Windows NT 5.0 will support TAPI 3.0, but to exploit that down the road you'll need to understand TAPI 1.x and 2.0 now. Operators are standing by to give you all the TAPI information you need, and explain how Unimodem will provide dialing assistance.
Hiroo Umeno    

Take IIS Customization to the Next Level by Writing ISAPI Filters and Script Interpreters

You can make IIS handle HTTP requests in almost any way you want. With an ISAPI filter, you can modify how HTTP requests are processed by the server. And a server-side script interpreter can customize how certain types of files will be used.
Leon Braginski and Matt Powell    

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