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CODE FOR June 1997 ISSUE: June 97 Code (330,321 Bytes)
Editor's Note
Dave Edson
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek  
Wicked Code
Jeff Prosise 
The Visual

Shepherd and Wingo
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia

How to Exploit Multiple Monitor Support in Memphis and Windows NT 5.0

Running out of screen space? Boss won't get you that Jumbotron monitor? We'll detail new APIs through which Memphis, the successor to Windows 95, and Windows NT 5.0 will support a virtual desktop made up of multiple monitors.
David Campbell


The Active Template Library Makes Building Compact COM Objects a Joy

The Active Template Library (ATL) provides the foundation for developing the lightweight COM components that today's modern distributed apps require. ATL lets you build small, self-contained apps without the bother of additional runtime DLLs.
Don Box


More Fun With MFC: DIBs, Palettes, Subclassing, and a Gamut of Goodies, Part III

In the conclusion to this series, Paul DiLascia completes his MFC-based Quick View application and explains how to build one of your own. He shows you how to use the IFileViewer interface, and finishes off with some useful debugging tips.
Paul DiLascia

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