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Under the Hood Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek  
Win 32
Jeffrey Richter
John Robbins 
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia
Exploring DirectX 5.0, Part II: DirectSound Gives Your Apps Advanced 3D Sound

The value of sound is a given; the question today is one of sophistication. Will your app generate yesterday's beeps and clicks, or will it offer seamlessly integrated 3D sound? DirectX 5.0 lets you add sophisticated sound effects to your apps today without pain.
Jason Clark


How to Design Reusable HTTP Components by Exploiting WinInet and COM

Aaron Skonnard first gives you a brief WinInet primer. Then, he shows how to implement two ATL-based COM components: IHttpRequest and IQuoteProvider. Finally, he ties it all together in a sample application called Stock Watcher.
Aaron Skonnard

Keeping an Eye on Your Browser by Monitoring Internet Explorer 4.0 Events

Being able to control Internet Explorer is great, but if you can't tell what it's doing, you don't have full control. For this reason, Internet Explorer exposes an event interface through which you can monitor its activity and perform certain actions.
Scott Roberts

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