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CODE FOR July 1997 ISSUE: CODE MSJJUL97 (591,882 Bytes)
Editor's Note
Dave Edson
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek  
Jeffrey Richter 
Don Box
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia

Create Apps That are Easily Extensible With Our Smart “Snap-Ins” Methodology

Wouldn't it be great if other folks could write extensions for your app? We'll show you how to implement a simple in-process COM server approach we call “snap-ins.” It lets you write custom tools for your code—or any app that supports snap-ins.
Steve Zimmerman    


More First Aid for the Thread Impaired: Cool Ways to Take Advantage of Multithreading

Multithreading can improve an app's performance, responsiveness, and structure, but it also introduces complexity. We'll show you how to perform feats like responding to network outages gracefully and handling error conditions asynchronously.
Russell Weisz    


Dynamic Runtime Objects: Building Applications Your Users Can Modify at Runtime

Dynamic runtime objects help keep big software development projects under control by isolating object dependencies. The result is an application that is well organized and easy to change—even by users, and even at runtime.
Ed Smetak and Jean Caputo    

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