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Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Paul DiLascia
James Finnegan
Win 32
Jeffrey Richter
House of COM
Don Box
Updated with New Kernel Features, Windows CE 3.0 Really Packs a Punch

Ready for a Web server in your Handheld PC? This and other changes in Windows CE 3.0 should make it a major upgrade to the smallest member of the Windows family. Here's your guide to the newest kernel and system API features in Windows CE.
Douglas Boling

DirectX 6.0 and Windows Media Technologies Bring Multimedia to Windows CE

DirectX and Windows Media Technologies let you take advantage of real-time multimedia on Windows CE-based devices. We'll show you the developer side of these new features and how they were implemented in the Sega Dreamcast console.
Rod Deyo and Mike Jazayeri

The Tools You'll Need to Build Embedded Apps: Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ 6.0

The great thing about developing for Windows CE is that you can use the same tools and technologies you've been using to create desktop apps. We'll give you an inside look at the new Windows CE Toolkits for Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
Steve Zimmerman

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