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CODE FOR September 1997 ISSUE: CODE MSJSEP97 (185,452 Bytes)

Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek  
ActiveX Q&A
Don Box 
Win32 Q&A
Jeffrey Richter 
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia

Manage Data from Myriad Sources with the Universal Data Access Interfaces

ODBC, RDO, DAO, OLE DB: how do you find your data in this alphabet soup of APIs? Universal Data Access spells out a solution by providing access to your data through a common set of interfaces, regardless of where the data resides.
Stephen Rauch    


Extend Developer Studio 97 with Your Own Add-ins, Macros, and Wizards

Why do menial programming work yourself when you can harness the automation objects exposed by Developer Studio to create add-ins, macros, and wizards? These nifty features let you customize Developer Studio like never before.
Steve Zimmerman    


Multiple Threads in Visual Basic 5.0, Part II: Writing a Win32 Debugger

Last month we began writing a multithreaded application using Visual Basic 5.0. In this installment, we build upon our previous work with the AddressOf operator to develop VBDebug, a multithreaded debugger for Win32-based applications.
John Robbins    

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