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Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek
House of COM
Don Box
Win 32
Jeffrey Richter
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia
Gain Control of Application Setup and Maintenance with the New Windows Installer

The new Windows installer does more than just copy files; it lets your Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 5.0-based app tune its disk usage and automatically reinstall missing files. It also supports the Zero Administration Windows initiative.
Mike Kelly    

Take Advantage of MTS in Your Distributed System with Custom Resource Dispensers

MTS resource dispensers manage resource pools, automatically enlist them in transactions, and provide standard interfaces. With custom resource dispensers, you can integrate disconnected or nontransactional resources into the MTS framework.
Maros Cunderlik    

Control Spy Exposes the Clandestine Life of Windows Common Controls, Part II

Mark Finocchio looks at more Control Spy features and explains how to provide custom notification handlers and add custom code. He'll also discuss more of the common controls introduced or updated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.
Mark Finocchio    

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