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Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Under the Hood
Matt Pietrek  
Wicked Code
Jeff Prosise 
Visual Programmer
Shepherd and Wingo 
C++ Q&A
Paul DiLascia

Design a Windows NT Service to Exploit Special Operating System Facilities

In Windows NT®, a service is a type of executable that gets special treatment from the operating system. We'll explain how a service application must be designed to take advantage of all the built-in features that Windows NT offers.
Jeffrey Richter     


Introducing the Bugslayer: Annihilating Bugs in an Application Near You

In this sneak preview of our newest column, our Bugslayer John Robbins illustrates some common software development bugs you've probably experienced and takes you through the steps of finding and eradicating these pesky vermin.
John Robbins


A Preview of Active Channel and the Active Desktop for Internet Explorer 4.0

Active Desktop technology in Internet Explorer 4.0 weds the Internet to the Windows® shell, creating a uniform experience for working with information whether it resides locally on your computer, on an intranet, or on the Internet.
Nancy Winnick Cluts and Michael Edwards    

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