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Win 32 Editor's Note
Joe Flanigen
Paul DiLascia
John Robbins
Visual Programmer
George Shepherd
Jeffrey Richter
Writing OLTP Apps with Visual Basic, Microsoft Transaction Server, and SQL Server 7.0

If you plan to run MTS-style transactions, you should know how SQL Server works with the MTS runtime and the Windows NT Distributed Transaction Coordinator. Understanding how all these pieces fit together will help you optimize your app.
Ted Pattison

Introducing the Terminal Services APIs for Windows NT Server and Windows 2000

Frank Kim is back to explain the differences between Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition, and Windows 2000 Terminal Services. He'll show you the new Terminal Services APIs, and give you a preview of Virtual Channels in Windows 2000.
Frank Kim

Keeping an Eye on Your NTFS Drives, Part II: Building a Change Journal Application

Last month, you were introduced to the Change Journal. This month, you'll see how to write a fully functional Change Journal app. Our sample app demonstrates all the techniques described, and can be used as a template project.
Jeffrey Cooperstein and Jeffrey Richter

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