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November 1999

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Editor's Note

We're so glad, we've had this time together. Just to have a laugh and code an app. Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time when someone says "so long." After a decade at the helm of MSJ and MIND, our fearless leader Eric Maffei has announced his retirement. But Eric's influence will always be with us, as will the lingering odor of stale cigarette smoke.
So we don't feel guilty about writing an ednote without at least one URL, an acronym, and a plug for MSDN, here's some news on the latest—the Fitch and Mather (FM) 2000 application. Just what is FM 2000? It's an impressive Web-based stock app that brings Windows DNA to fruition. Built using Visual Studio 6.0 and running on Windows 2000, FM 2000 fully utilizes COM+ Services to support 15,000 concurrent users and dispense over 4.5 billion pages per day. Check out http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/win2000/fmstocks.asp for more details.
OK, now we've paid the rent, back to Eric: we want to thank him for his energy, leadership, and most of all, his friendship. Thanks guy. We miss you already.
August 18, 1999

“Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our com-pan-y…”

After ten years at Microsoft, I have decided, basta! I will be retiring as of August 27th. Apparently, I am the only person leaving Microsoft of late who won't immediately be launching a revolutionary new Internet startup. Instead, I plan a new career as homemaker. (Actually, chances are I'll be acting as some sort of elder statesman to MSJ and MIND going forward.)
If I try to thank everyone I should by name, I'm certain to leave someone out. I'll simply say, many thanks to my terrific staff, our brilliant authors, the great folks at Miller Freeman, and all the incredibly bright Microsoft people I've worked with during the past decade. I am going to miss your camaraderie, your intelligence, and your wit.
I'm also going to really miss using the royal "we" when discussing Microsoft. I've been so proud to be able to say I work here.
Actually, there are just a few people I really do need to thank by name:

  • Jon Lazarus, for believing in me in the first place.
  • BillG and SteveB, for being loyal to me, MSJ, and MIND when others were asking "Haven't you shot MSJ in the head yet?"
  • Joanne Steinhart, for always "makin' the donuts" and coping with me.
  • My partner Steve, for being there throughout it all.
I have the highest confidence that the staff I leave behind in New York and their senior management in Redmond will continue the unmatched quality of MSJ and MIND that our readers have come to expect over the years.
After 8/27, you can reach me at ejmaffei@msn.com
"See 'ya real soon. Why? Because we LIKE you!"

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