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MSJ Source Code Updates
January 1993 through Present

IssueDate postedArticleFile and sizeReason
February 2000January 10, 2000 Build PerfMon Support into Your Apps With A Little Help from COMCOMPerf.exe (203KB) Correct header issue
November 1999March 23, 2000 MyBand is Your Band: More Reusable MFC Goodies with Band Objects and COMToysBandObj.exe (75KB) Updated to correct compatibility issue with Win NT/98
April 1999March 18, 1999 Write ActiveX Controls Using Custom Interfacescontainer.exe (106KB) New code for Write ActiveX Controls Using Custom Interfaces
March 1999March 3, 1999 Job Objectjobobject.exe (2KB) New code for Job Object article
December 1998December 1, 1998 C++ Q&ADec98CQA.exe (75KB) New and improved code
October 1998Sept 23, 1998 C++ Q&AOct98CQA.exe (39KB) FLYBY using new _TrackMouseEvent
July 1998June 12, 1998 C++ Q&AbbsCode.exe (25KB)  
August 1997June 30, 1997 C++ Q&AC++fix.exe (67KB)  
February 1997Apr 21, 1998 Under the HoodDepends.exe (21KB) Back by popular demand
July 1997Apr 9, 1998 SnapInsSnapIns.exe (261KB)  

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