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Microsoft® Internet Information Server Resource Kit
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 624
Disk 2 Companion CD(s)
Level Advanced
Published 02/04/1998
ISBN 9781572316386
ISBN-10 1-57231-638-1
Price(USD) $49.99
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About the Book

Welcome to the definitive resource for Microsoft Internet Information Server.

This exclusive Microsoft resource kit was created in cooperation with the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) development and support teams. That makes it comprehensive, authoritative, and indispensable for system administrators and other computer professionals who demand the best technical information and tools for rolling out and supporting Microsoft IIS within their organizations. Here's essential information on:

  • Understanding the components in IIS 4.0 and how they fit together in different scenarios
  • Creating, deploying, and testing the content of Web pages
  • Planning for capacity and performance
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Developing Web applications that make the most of the underlying technologies and the power of server-side scripting
  • Harnessing the power of a data-driven approach to Web application development
  • Running an ISP that uses Windows NT Server and IIS
  • Making legacy applications and data easily accessible via Web solutions based on IIS
  • Standards planning for ASP application development
  • Migrating from Netscape Enterprise Server to IIS
  • Building a security-enhanced Web site
Plus, more than 40 utilities, ISAPI Filters, and Components on the enclosed CD-ROM help you do more in less time. Tools include:
  • HTTMON: Monitors and analyzes Web server activity.
  • ISP Sign-up system: Provides a Web interface that allows customers to sign up for services.
  • MTS Administrator: HTML-based administration tool for Microsoft Transaction Server.
  • Migration Wizard: Helps convert existing Netscape-based Web sites to IIS.
  • Web Capacity Analysis Tool: Measures the capacity potential of your IIS installation under a variety of client workload simulations.
  • COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS: Provides an interface between Automation components and mainframe-based applications.
  • ASP Caching Filter: Caches the HTML output of an ASP file, allowing a faster response for subsequent downloads.
  • Administration Scripts: Automates many common site administration tasks
  • Perkmon: Monitors NT Server and IIS performance from any Java-enabled environment.

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