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Programming Applications for Microsoft® Windows®
Author Jeffrey Richter
Pages 1104
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Int/Adv
Published 09/29/1999
ISBN 9781572319967
ISBN-10 1-57231-996-8
Price(USD) $59.99
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About the Book

Master the building blocks of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows-based applications

Here’s definitive instruction for advancing the next generation of Windows®-based applications—faster, sleeker, and more potent than ever! This fully updated expansion of the bestselling ADVANCED WINDOWS digs even deeper into the advanced features and state-of-the-art techniques you can exploit for more robust Windows development—including authoritative insights on the new Windows 2000 platform. COVERAGE INCLUDES: • Understanding Windows 2000 features—such as jobs, thread-pooling APIs, Address Windowing extensions, Toolhelp functions, and sparse files • Mastering DLL basics and applying advanced techniques—including API hooking, DLL Injection, function forwarders, delay loading, redirection, rebasing, and binding • Solving common thread-synchronization problems with a toolkit of packaged, reusable code • Building high-performance, scalable applications by understanding data alignment, cache-line boundaries, cross-process critical sections, NUMA architectures, and processor affinity • Using structured exception handling to create memory-efficient applications • Transitioning to 64-bit development—see what’s ahead by studying a full cache of code built and tested on Windows 2000 Two hundred thousand developers—and counting—have advanced their expertise with Windows under author Jeffrey Richter’s skillful tutelage. Packed now with even more expertly rendered examples and pragmatic insights, PROGRAMMING APPLICATIONS FOR MICROSOFT® WINDOWS®, Fourth Edition, extends this legacy to a new generation of developers—and the next generation of Windows. INCLUDED ON CD-ROM: You get a fully searchable electronic version of the book, plus source code and executables for all sample programs and utilities, including: • ProcessInfo—shows which processes are running on the system and which DLSS are being used by that module • VMMap—shows memory usage in an address space • SysInfo—provides architecture information about the host machine • VMStat—indicates system memory usage • DIPS—Desktop Icon Position Saver • LISWatch—monitors systemwide and thread-specific window input changes

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