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Code Complete
Author Steve McConnell
Pages 896
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 09/15/1995
ISBN 9781556154843
ISBN-10 1-55615-484-4
Price(USD) $35.00
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About the Book

Winner of the Software Development Jolt Excellence Award--1994

This practical handbook of software construction covers the art and science of the most important part of the development process. CODE COMPLETE provides a larger perspective on the software-development process and the role of construction in the process that will inform and stimulate your thinking about your own projects, enabling you to take strategic action rather than fight the same battles again and again.

Topics include:

  • Up-front planning
  • Applying good design techniques to construction
  • Using data effectively
  • Reviewing for errors
  • Managing construction activities
  • Relating personal character to superior software

Examples are provided in C, PascalTM, Basic, FORTRAN, and Ada, but the focus is on programming techniques.

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