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Microsoft® Application Center 2000 Resource Kit
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 704
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Advanced
Published 02/28/2001
ISBN 9780735610231
ISBN-10 0-7356-1023-1
Price(USD) $69.99
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About the Book

Optimize your business Web services with tools and reference—straight from the source.

Get the resources that make managing a group of Web servers as simple as running a single computer—and deliver mission-critical availability—with the MICROSOFT® APPLICATION CENTER 2000 RESOURCE KIT. This powerhouse kit packs detailed technical drill-down—plus essential tools, utilities, and electronic reference on CD-ROM—direct from the Microsoft Application Center product team. It’s everything you need to maximize the availability, scalability, and reliability of your business Web sites—while reducing application complexity and costs. DISCOVER HOW TO: • Use Application Center clustering functionality to simplify the creation and administration of Web servers • Achieve optimal system performance through Network Load Balancing (NLB) and Component Load Balancing (CLB) • Automate the deployment of Web and COM+ application clusters • Use scripts and wizards to synchronize cluster tasks and configuration settings and distribute applications • Protect critical applications by using built-in monitoring features such as Health Monitor and event and performance logging • Integrate with Microsoft FrontPage® and WebDAV® to update content to a cluster of servers • Apply rolling upgrades to maximize uptime and availability • Quickly resolve security issues and productivity bottlenecks using RESOURCE KIT troubleshooting tactics and tools INCLUDED ON CD-ROM: • Tools for load-balancing, configuration, application deployment, and more • Sample applications, scripts, and source code • White papers detailing Web security solutions • Fully searchable electronic copy of the book

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