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Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Administrator's Companion
Author Marci Frohock Garcia, Jamie Reding, Edward Whalen, Steve Adrien DeLuca
Pages 1168
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level All Levels
Published 09/27/2000
ISBN 9780735610514
ISBN-10 0-7356-1051-7
Price(USD) $59.99
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About the Book

Deploy, administer, and support SQL Server 2000 in any organization with this practical guide.

MICROSOFT® SQL SERVER™ 2000 ADMINISTRATOR’S COMPANION is the comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that saves time by providing all the facts you need to deploy, administer, and support SQL Server 2000 in organizations of any size. Using a hands-on, example-rich approach, this authoritative, one-volume reference book provides peer advice, product information, detailed procedures, and real-world troubleshooting tips from experienced Microsoft SQL Server 2000 professionals. This expert guide shows you how to: • Prepare for installation. Get an overview of the history and architecture of SQL Server 2000. Find out how it works with different versions of Microsoft Windows® 2000. Learn about the latest features and enhancements in SQL Server 2000. Review the duties of a SQL Server database administrator in an organization of any size. • Install and configure. See how to design a SQL Server system, configure it for your I/O subsystem, and model system capacity. Find out three ways to install SQL Server 2000 and three tools with which to start, stop, and manage it. Learn how to create a database and tables, configure SQL Server on the network, and work with Microsoft Cluster Services. • Use services and features. Understand the uses of Structured Query Language (SQL), Transact-SQL (T-SQL), data definition language (DDL), and data manipulation language (DML). Learn to retrieve data and manage tables precisely with T-SQL and the SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager. Find out how to create and use defaults, constraints, rules, indexes, views, functions, stored procedures, and triggers. See how to use SQL Server over the Internet. • Use built-in server features. Grasp the basics behind replication and the specifics of snapshot, transactional, and merge replication. See how to install and use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. • Manage, tune, maintain, and troubleshoot. Examine special features and tools that simplify SQL Server 2000 administration. Find out how to automate administrative tasks, back up and restore the database, and manage users and security. Discover how to optimize queries and work around common bottlenecks. An electronic version of this book is available on the companion CD.

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