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Microsoft® Host Integration Server 2000 Resource Kit
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 1184
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Advanced
Published 11/15/2000
ISBN 9780735611825
ISBN-10 0-7356-1182-3
Price(USD) $69.99
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About the Book

Deploy and support Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 with comprehensive information, tools, and insights from the product development team.

Integrating systems from different vendors can be complicated. MICROSOFT® HOST INTEGRATION SERVER 2000 RESOURCE KIT simplifies the process and reduces deployment time by delivering up-to-date information and software tools for anyone who needs to integrate disparate systems with Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000. The RESOURCE KIT provides comprehensive documentation of Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 features and inside information—direct from the product development team—on how to fully take advantage of this server’s capabilities. It also brings together a wealth of technical information and tools to simplify integration of the Microsoft Windows® 2000 operating system with disparate applications, data, and networks from a variety of vendors. Get up to speed with all the details you need on these topics: • Product overview: Learn about Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 features and technologies for application, data, and network integration. • Planning: Discover basic planning issues, how to select services and hardware, models for deployment, and architectural and server roles to consider. • Deployment and management: Find out how to deploy and manage SNA Services, COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI) for application integration, the Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) and MQSeries bridge, data integration services (OLE DB Providers and ODBC Drivers), 3270 and 5250 terminal emulation and connectivity, advanced program-to-program communication (APPC) protocol applications, and host printing. • Performance-tuning and optimization: Familiarize yourself with strategies for getting the best performance out of all major Host Integration Server 2000 services and features. • Troubleshooting: See how to verify and resolve problems with server-to-mainframe communications, access to specific applications, and peer-to-peer, server-to-server, and client-to-host communications problems using the trace utility. • Other resources: Get complete appendixes of Host Integration Server 2000 error messages, registry and environment variables, configuration worksheets, and special setup considerations. Included on CD-ROM: • A fully searchable electronic copy of the book • Tools and utilities, complete with documentation and setup and configuration instructions, source code, and executable files • White papers, KnowledgeBase articles, and printable checklists • Online Help files containing error messages, registry values, and environment settings • Deployment scenarios with demos

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