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XML Pocket Consultant
Author William R. Stanek
Pages 416
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 01/16/2002
ISBN 9780735611832
Price $29.99
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About the Book

The practical, portable guide to XML!

Build and support dynamic, Web-enabled documents with this indispensable guide to XML. This pocket-sized resource zeroes in on the latest XML standards and technologies, including Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), XML schemas, XLink, and XPath—delivering critical details through quick-reference tables, step-by-step instructions, lists, and code samples. It’s the precise information you need to solve problems and get the job done—no matter what kind of content you want to get on line!

• Understand XML fundamentals, including naming rules
• Describe data structure using DTDs
• Achieve greater power and flexibility with XML schemas
• Get at-a-glance reference to schema declarations
• Use namespaces to avoid naming conflicts
• Create rich formatting with XSL stylesheets
• Build links to and extract database information
• Structure XML data dynamically using XSL Transformations and XPath
• Create hypertext references with XLink and XPointer

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