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HTML & XML for Beginners
Author Michael Morrison
Pages 384
Disk N/A
Level Beg/Int
Published 06/27/2001
ISBN 9780735611894
ISBN-10 0-7356-1189-0
Price(USD) $19.99
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About the Book

Teach yourself the core Web development languages the fast, easy way!

Learn to work with hypertext markup language (HTML) and extensible markup language (XML) the easy way with HTML AND XML FOR BEGINNERS! This friendly guide uses a practical, learn-by-doing approach to take the mystery out of building Web pages and exchanging Web data. Get your feet wet with HTML tags by creating and publishing your first Web page, and learn to jazz up your Web pages with eye-catching special effects, multimedia, styles, interactive dynamic elements, and more. Explore easy ways to exchange data of all kinds over the Web with XML and other groundbreaking Web languages. Cut your teeth on creating style sheets for viewing XML documents in Web browsers. In no time at all, you’ll learn to code pages that dazzle site visitors. Learn all about these Web-coding essentials! • GET STARTED WITH HTML: Dive into page-creation essentials such as formatting text, dressing up pages with images, and connecting pages with hyperlinks. • GO BEYOND THE BASICS: Master more advanced techniques such as simplifying navigation by creating image maps, organizing pages with tables, gathering information with forms, integrating multimedia, using the latest graphical tools, and publishing your pages. • ADD STYLE TO YOUR PAGES: Discover how to spice up your pages with styles and style sheets, and learn how to add life to your pages with dynamic styles. • ADD INTERACTIVITY TO YOUR PAGES: Find out how to create special effects such as visual filters, transitions, event responses, and more with dynamic HTML (DHTML). • LEVERAGE XML AND OTHER LANGUAGES: See how to use XML to create custom tags that can describe any kind of Web information, find out how to create Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheets, and discover how to use extensible HTML (XHTML).

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