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Coding Techniques for Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET
Author John Connell
Pages 672
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level All Levels
Published 12/12/2001
ISBN 9780735612549
ISBN-10 0-7356-1254-4
Price(USD) $59.99
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About the Book

Go beyond knowing how Visual Basic works to writing professional-level Microsoft .NET code.

Most books about Visual Basic® use abstract snippets of code to illustrate the language’s syntax, data structures, and controls. But even if you know the language, it’s sometimes difficult to see how to put these elements together to write a complete program. This practical handbook of software construction covers the vital details about the latest version—Visual Basic .NET, with its integrated development environment (IDE), complete support for XML, and ASP.NET Web-development functionality, including Web Forms and Web Services. Whether you’re a beginner or a self-taught programmer, a professional looking for a refresher in coding techniques, or a programmer coming from another language, this is the Visual Basic book for you. Expert instruction includes these topics: • Visual Basic .NET overview, including the Visual Studio® .NET IDE • Object-oriented programming in Visual Basic .NET • Creating and deriving classes • Data types and features • Managing arrays and collections • Handling errors and debugging programs • Building and deploying assemblies • File-system monitoring • Data access and data binding with ADO.NET • ASP.NET and XML Web services

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