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Microsoft® ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET Deluxe Learning Edition
Author Microsoft Corporation and G. Andrew Duthie
Pages 656
Disk 4 Companion CD(s)
Level Beg/Int
Published 11/13/2002
ISBN 9780735618145
ISBN-10 0-7356-1814-3
Price(USD) $119.99
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About the Book

Step-by-step instruction—plus Visual Basic .NET software—all in one box!

Everything you need to start developing powerful Web applications and services with Microsoft® ASP.NET and Visual Basic® .NET is right here in a single, economical package. This DELUXE LEARNING EDITION contains Visual Basic .NET Standard software along with Microsoft’s popular “Step by Step” tutorial. Work at your own pace through the book’s easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on exercises. And apply your new expertise to full Visual Basic .NET software—not a simulation or trial version. It’s the ideal combination of tools and tutelage for ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET—straight from the source! ABOUT THE SOFTWARE: Visual Basic .NET is designed to be the easiest and most productive tool for creating .NET-based applications and services. Discover how to exploit its new power and flexibility, including: • Full integration with the Microsoft .NET Framework and the common language runtime • Richer object models for Web Forms, Web services, data, and more • New functionality such as inheritance, drag-and-drop Web-service creation, and structured exception handling • Simpler deployment, enhanced security, and improved versioning support ABOUT THE BOOK: Choose your own best starting point and complete just the chapters you need. It’s the smart way to teach yourself essential techniques for ASP.NET with Visual Basic .NET—one step at a time! • Master the fundamentals with the guidance of ASP.NET expert G. Andrew Duthie • Create Web forms, server controls, and Web services • Access data, enable caching, configure security • Build, test, and deploy ASP.NET applications • Accelerate your productivity with dozens of practice exercises, instructive code samples, and real-world advice SET INCLUDES: • Full version of Visual Basic .NET Standard software • “Microsoft ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Step By Step” book • Practice exercises and sample code—in the book and on the Web

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