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Microsoft® Windows® Security Resource Kit
Author Ben Smith and Brian Komar with the Microsoft Security Team
Pages 720
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Int/Adv
Published 03/12/2003
ISBN 9780735618688
ISBN-10 0-7356-1868-2
Price(USD) $49.99
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About the Book

Help maximize security for Windows-based systems, services, and networks—with tools and resources direct from Microsoft.

Get the in-depth information and tools you need to help secure Microsoft® Windows®–based clients, servers, networks, and Internet services with expertise from those who know the technology best—the Microsoft Security Team. These expert authors prescribe how to plan and implement a comprehensive security-management strategy—from identifying risks to configuring security technologies, applying security best practices, and monitoring and responding to security incidents. The kit also provides essential security tools, scripts, and other on-the-job resources—all designed to help maximize data and system security while minimizing downtime and costs. • Gain a framework for understanding security threats and vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures • Help protect servers, desktops, and laptops by configuring permissions, security templates, TCP/IP settings, and application-level security • Implement security enhancements for domain controllers, Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0, Windows Terminal Services, and DNS, DHCP, WINS, RAS, VPN, and certificate servers • Help secure Active Directory® objects, attributes, domains, and forests; use Group Policy; manage user accounts and passwords • Develop an auditing strategy and incident response team • Utilize security assessment tools, detect and respond to internal and external security incidents, and recover services • Create a process for deploying and managing security updates •Help establish your enterprise privacy strategy CD features: 50+ tools and scripts from the Microsoft Security Team and the Microsoft Windows Resource Kits, including: • Subinacl.exe—view and help maintain security on files, registry keys, and services from the command line or in batch files • Ntrights.exe—set user rights from the command line or in batch files • EventcombMT.exe—collect and search event logs from multiple computers through a GUI • Scripts for configuring security Plus, a fully searchable eBook

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