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XML Programming (Core Reference)
Author R. Allen Wyke, Sultan Rehman, Brad Leupen
Pages 736
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Intermediate
Published 01/09/2002
ISBN 9780735611856
ISBN-10 0-7356-1185-8
Price(USD) $59.99
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* (asterisk),44
+ (plus character),44
# (pound sign),653
? (question mark),44
| (vertical bar),43, 44

32-bit integer,640
64-bit integer,640

<a> element,653
abstract classes,631
AcceptChanges() method,413
Activator.GetObject() method,378, 382
Active Data Objects (ADO),622-624
Active Server Pages. See ASP
ActiveForm property,563
ActiveState Corp.,642
activeTabButton class,220-222
ADO (Active Data Objects),622-624
ADO.NET,80-81, 624
   DataSet class,624-625
   Managed Provider class,624
   namespaces in,625
Advanced operation,605
Aelfred parser,80
agile objects,403
AICs (Application Integration Components),321,553
AllocateDataSlot() method,406
AllocateNamedDataSlot() method,406
ancestor axis,656
ancestor-or-self axis,656
Antenna House,155
Apache Group,77, 155
   Cocoon project,551
Apache SOAP,301
API (Application Programming Interface),25
API-level interfacing,536
appendChild() method,63
appinfo annotation,103
Application Integration Components (AICs),321
application messaging,25-28
Application Programming Interface (API),25
Application Service Providers,279
applications,33, 375
apply-templates,492, 493, 496
appworkspace color,163
arc link,654
ArrayList items property,388
artist view helper,194-197
.asmx file,290, 356
ASP (Active Server Pages),146
   functions of,172
   in Web page requests,149-150
ASP.NET consumer,294-298
ASP.NET Web Service Project wizard,355-356
.aspx file,558-559
.aspx.cs file,558
assembly name,384
asterisk (*),44
asynchronous methods,373
Attr DOM interface,66
attribute axis,656
attributes,9, 42-43
   conditions on,44
   mandatory,258-262, 468
   See also elements
   See also entities
audio CDs,335
AUTO Mode (FOR XML clause),113-114

B2B e-commerce,89
B2C e-commerce,89
background color,163
<base> element,657
Begin shape,611,553
BFI (BizTalk Framework Initiative),313-314
   BizTalk Framework,314-316
   BizTalk Server,317-330,316-317
binary data,92-93
Binary Large Object (BLOB),92
<binding> element,282, 287-288
bindingDetail data structure,308
bindingList data structure,308
BizTalk Administration Tool,596
BizTalk Compatible,670
BizTalk Document Tracking,329-331, 596
BizTalk documents,314-315
BizTalk Editor,597, 676
   creating schemas with,600-604
BizTalk Framework,314-316
   BizTalk documents,314-315
   version 2,683
   Web site,683
BizTalk Mapper,597, 599
   transformations in,604-610
BizTalk Messaging Manager,322-328, 596
BizTalk Messaging Services,318
   channels in,328
   document definition in,324-325
   envelopes in,326
   messaging ports in,326-328
   organizations in,323
BizTalk Orchestration Designer,597, 600
   attaching steps to processing with,616-619
   defining workflow with,611-612
   process design with,610-611
   referencing processing applications with,613-616
BizTalk Server,595-596, 680
      business process automation,599-600
      business-to-business integration,599
      enterprise application integration,599
   document tracking in,329-331
   installation requirements,597-598
   Messaging Manager,322-328
   Messaging Services,318
   Orchestration Services,317-318
   receiving documents from,321
   sending documents to,318
      IInterchange COM interface,319-321
      receive functions,318-319
   suite of tools,596-597,316-317
BLOB (Binary Large Object),92
block displays,151, 234
<body> element,213
boolean operations,641
browser detection,552
BufferResponse property,294
business logic,532
business object-based schemas,209-211
business object-based user interfaces,209-211
business objects,413-414
business processes
   connecting steps to,616-619
   referencing applications in,613-616
businessList data structure,308
business-to-business integration,599
buttons,203, 251
ByVal argument,641

C# programming language,355, 382, 388, 639-640
C++ programming language,639, 641
CacheDuration property,294
calendar control,558
captiontext color,163
cascading style sheets. See CSS
CC/PP (Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles),553
CDATASection DOM interface,66
cell phones,547
   data presentation in,546
   WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) compliant,552
CGI (Common Gateway Interface),146
ChannelName property,376
ChannelPriority property,376
channels,328, 376
   creating,384, 392
   registering,384, 392
check boxes,267-270
CheckSuspendedQueue method,320
child axis,656
child elements,39
<choice> element,568, 570, 267-270
<choice> node,467
CICS (Customer Information Control System),533
class definition documents,344
class name,384
Class-behind file,454
   data adapter,422-425
   DataSet,81, 412, 624-625
   DataView,412, 426-427
   Managed Providers,624
   XMLDocument,80, 81
   See also objects
clearFunctions() function,242
clearModuleStyles() function,242
client application,449-450, 453-455
   controller design pattern,455-456
   page request,456-457
   user requirements,450-451
   See also server application
client codes,457-458
Client fault code,586
client proxies,369-373
client.asp file,485-509
client/server development,5
client-activated objects,379, 387-393
   writing,386-387, 392-394
cloneNode() method,63
<closedImage> element,151
CLR (Common Language Runtime),374, 638
CLS (Common Language Specifications),638
COBOL,345, 532, 599
COBOL Copybook,672
Cocoon project,551
collapse() function,163
COM (Component Object Model),29, 672
combo boxes,203, 251
Comment DOM interface,66
   inserting into documents,335-337
   using XML for,335-337
Common Gateway Interface (CGI),146
Common Language Runtime (CLR),374
Common Language Specifications (CLS),638
Common Object Request Broker Architecture. See CORBA
complexType argument,348
Component Object Model (COM),29
Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles (CC/PP),553
computeFactorial() method,382, 387
computer games,547
computer monitors,548
Concatenate operation,605
Concatenate String operation,605
Content Adapters,551
content documents
   See also documents
content layer,548
contentEditable attribute,263
content-editable attribute,497
context objects,406-408
      public instance,407
      public static,406
      public instance,407
      public static,406
   See also objects
ContextAttribute attribute,406
ContextBound classes,406
ContextBound objects,406-408
ContextID property,407
ContextProperties property,407
control flow,532
controller patterns,172-174
   Front Controller,149-150
   functions of,211
   in Golf Reservation System,455-456
   in Web sites,204-207
Conversion operation,605
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture),29
   and IIOP (Internet InterORB Protocol),345
   support for cross-platform development,515-516
<courseListItem> element,570
createPerson() Web service,355-365
createXML() method,141
   remote objects,382-387
creating channels,392
cross-browser compatibility,171
cross-device portability,548
cross-device programming,547
cross-language integration,639
cross-platform development,514
   building clients in,520-521
   building servers in,517-519
   CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture),515-516
   DCE (Distributed Computing Environment),515
   DCOM (Distributed COM),516
   JAVA RMI,516
   object development in,523
   object serialization in,522
   UNIX sockets,514-515
   using Web Services,516-523
CSS (Cascading Stylesheets),150
   browser compliance of,154
   disadvantages of,153
   in XML,151-153
   See also XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language)
Cumulative operation,605
CurrentLeaseTime property,380
CurrentState property,380
Customer Information Control System (CICS),533
Cut and Paste command,262

   presentation of,546, 548
data access,80-81
data access logic,532
data access object models,621-622
   ADO (Active Data Objects),622-624
data adapters,422-425
data models,90
   in legacy systems integration,538
   UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration),306
data sets,421, 425
DataAdapter class,412
database management systems (DBMS),412
Database operation,605
databases,12, 85-86
   key columns in,87
   for reservation systems,412-413
   view helpers,175
data-centric XML documents,90-91
   storing and retrieving,94-108
datagram protocols,554
data-level interfacing,535
DataSet class,81
   in ADO.NET,624-625
   typed vs. untyped data sets,425
   in XML Web services,412
datatype attributes,258-262
datatypes,42, 640
   defining in XML Schema,650
   in RDBMS (relational DBMS),92
DataView class,412, 426-427
Date/Time operation,605
DB2 WWW Connection middleware,537
DBMS (database management systems),412
   using XML with,89-94
DCD (Document Content Description),650, 670
DCE (Distributed Computing Environment),515
DCOM (Distributed COM),30, 516
DDML (Document Definition Markup Language),650, 670
Decision shape,611
DefaultContext property,406
DeleteFromSuspendedQueue method,320
deleteXML() method,138
descendant axis,656
descendant-or-self axis,656
<description> element,151, 241
Description property,294
<detail> element,586
development tools,668
   for document type definitions,668-675
   document editors,675-678
   for schemas,668-675
   developing applications for,551-552
dialog boxes
   Message Information,617
   Message Type Information,617
   Rule Properties,618
   Script Component Binding Wizard,614
   Select Desitnation Specification Type,604
   Select Source Specification Type,604
   XML Translation Information,617
DirectHost.cs file,383
DISCO (Discovery Protocol),31
Discovery Protocol (DISCO),31
DisplayElements() method,632
Distributed COM (DCOM),30
distributed computing,344, 515
Distributed Computing Environment (DCE),515
distributed events,394
<div> element,213
   contentEditable attribute,263
DNS (Domain Name Service),351
<do> tag,569, 572
DoCallBack() method,407
<doclet> element,176
doclet view helper,193-194
document definition,324-325
Document DOM interface,66
document editors,675-678
<document> element,176, 212-213, 568
document instances,33
document management tools,679-682
Document Object Model. See DOM
document templates,184-186
document type declarations,10-11
document type definitions. See DTDs
document-centric XML documents,91
   storing and retrieving,108
DocumentFragment DOM interface,66
   class definition,344
   metadata in,335
   object instance,343
   round-tripping of,92
   style sheets,151-153
      detail view,211-223
      list view,223-237
   valid,11-12, 55-56
   well-formed,11-12, 51-54
DocumentType DOM interface,66
DOM (Document Object Model),59
   element interface,64
   embedding MSXML using,75-76
   NodeList interface,65
   in parsing,69-70
   tree-based parsing with,60-61
   See also SAX (Simple API for XML)
Domain Name Service (DNS),351
DTDs (document type definitions),338-340, 671
   description of,33
   development tools,668-675
DVDs (digital video discs),335
dynamic XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation),264-267

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration),274, 599
ECI (External Call Interface),536
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange),12
EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interface For Administration, Commerce and Transport),601
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),12
Electronic Data Interface For Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT),601
Element DOM interface,66
Element object,64
<list.item> elements,228, 231
<postfield> element,560
elements,8, 39-40, 147, 337-338
      conditions on,44
   <binding>,282, 287-288
   <description>,151, 241
   <document>,176, 212-213, 568
   <image>,151, 213
   <input>,286, 560
   <>,225, 233-234
   <message>,282, 285-286
   <navigation>,176, 240
   <navitem>,147-148, 239-241
   nesting of,54, 109
   parent,39, 114
   <portType>,282, 286
   <property>,214, 254
   <service>,282, 288
   <types>,282, 284-285
   <xsl:apply-templates>,213, 234
   <xsl:output>,158, 212
   See also attributes
   See also entities
embedded images,262
EnableSession property,294
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI),274
enterprise integration,89
   See also attributes
   See also elements
Entity DOM interface,66
EntityReference DOM interface,66
Envelope Properties dialog,326
Equals() method,407, 409, 410
evaluation versions,597
event class,394-396
event clients,400-402
event listener,397-399
event-driven parsers,59
EventFireHost service application,396-397
EventFireHost.cs file,396-397
ExistsNode() method,142
expand() function,163
expandCollapse() function,234, 489
EXPLICIT Mode (FOR XML clause),114-122
Expression objects,412
expression validators,558
extended link,654
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation. See XSLT
External Call Interface (ECI),536
external entities,49-50
Extract() method,142-143

factorial objects,382-387
FactorialClient class,386
FactorialClient.cs file,383
<faultcode> element,585-586
<faultfactor> element,586
<faultstring> element,586
<field> element,104
file names,370
file receive function,318-319
find_binding method,308
find_business method,308
find_service method,308
FindGeneric() Web Method,563-564
FindGeneric() Web method,470
<first> element,605
Flowchart stencil,611
following axis,656
following-sibling axis,656
foreign keys,87
<form> element,253, 568
Formatting Objects,154-155
form-input controls,558
   validation of,258-262
formValidate() function,270
frame sets,198-199
FreeNamedDataSlot() method,406
Freeze() method,407
Front Controller design pattern,149-150
   generate-id(),159, 245, 260
   hasValue (),258-261
   See also methods
functoids,597, 605

garbage collection,380
gateway agents,554
generate-id() function,159, 245, 260
get_bindingDetail method,308
get_businessDetail method,308
get_serviceDetail method,308
get_tModelDetail method,308
getAttribute() method,64, 633
getAttributeNode() method,64
getAttributeNodeNS() method,64
getAttributeNS() method,64
GetData() method,407
getElementsByTagName() method,64
getElementsByTagNameNS() method,64
GetHashCode() method,407, 409
GetNamedDataSlot() method,407
getNodeType() method,62
getOrderHistory( ) method,542
GetProperty() method,407
GetSuspendedQueueItemDetails method,320
GetType() method,408
GIF files,553
<go> tag,569, 572
Golf Reservation System
   application requirements,557
   business objects,413-414
      Address object,438-439
      GolfCourse object,427-431
      Golfer object,431-433
      Hole object,436-437
      Tee object,434-435
      TeeTime object,437-438
   client application,449-450, 453-455
      address object,464
      client code,457-458
      controller design pattern,455-456
      controller.asp files in,485-509
      CourseDetail.aspx file,459-464
      GolfCourse object,454
      ie5.xsl file in,485-509
      name attributes,475
      page request,456-457
      procedure flow,456-457
      scheduleTeeTime.aspx file,477-478
      System.DateTime object,478
      tee object,465
      viewMyTeeTimes.aspx file,479-482
      viewTeeTimes.aspx file,481-485
      Web form code,458-485
   data adapters,422-425
      bookings table,421
      course table,417-418
      golfer table,419-420
      hole table,419
      tee table,418-419
   server application,411-412
      Address class,414
      business logic requirements,413-416
      database requirements,412-413
      GolfCourse class,414
      Golfer class,414
      Hole class,414
      Tee class,414
      TeeTime class,414
      user requirements,416-417
   skin architecture,568-575
   user requirements,450-451
   Web Service,413-416, 451
      AddCourse() method,441
      AddGolfer() method,444
      AddHole() method,442
      AddTee() method,442
      AddTime() method,443
      FindAll() method,439
      FindGeneric() method,440
      FindGolferById() method,444
      FindTeeTimesByDate() method,445
      FindTeeTimesByDateRange() method,445
      FindTeeTimesByGolfer() method,443
      GetCourseDetail() method,441
      method signatures,452-453
      obtaining information about,451-452
      ValidateLogin() method,444
   wireless application of,557-567
Gosub keyword,640
Green Pages,307
Greeting event class,394-396
GUI (graphical user interface),4

handheld devices,526
hasAttribute() method,63, 64
hasAttributeNS() method,64
hasChildNodes() method,62
hasValue () function,258-261
HDBMS (heirarchical DBMS),86-87
<head> element,213
<header> element,212, 568
header templates,214
HelloWorld Web Service,347-350
   HTTP Get method,354
   HTTP Post method,354
   SOAP method,353
hierarchical DBMS (HDBMS),86-87
home organizations,323
host application domains,382, 389
<href> element,151, 159
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
   in TVWeb project,556
   vs. WML (Wireless Markup Language),554
   vs. XML (Extensible Markup Language),7
<html> element,212
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol),22
HTTP Get method,354
http namespace,347
HTTP Post method,354
HTTP_USER_AGENT CGI variable,552
Hypertext Markup Language. See HTML
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP),22

IBM MQSeries,272
IBM Web Services Toolkit,301
<icon> element,213
IDE (Integrated Development Environment),32
IDL (Interface Definition Language),275, 345, 536
ie5.xsl files,485-509
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force),34
<iframe> element,662
IInterchange COM interface,319-321
IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol),30, 345
IIS (Internet Information Server),123, 334
ILease interface,379
<image> element,151, 213
Implementation stencil,613
<include> element,663
ind_tModel method,308
InitialLeaseTime property,380
input controls,251-252
<input> element,286, 560, 569
input widgets,203, 251-252
insertBefore() method,63
insertXML() method,138
instance fields,409
int datatype,640
Integrated Development Environment (IDE),32
interface definition,275
Interface Definition Language (IDL),536
interfacing,533, 534-535
   user interface-level,536
internal entities,45-49
internal subsets,672
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),34
Internet Explorer
   CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) compliance to,154
   WYSIWYG editing in,262
   XSLT compliance to,156-157
Internet Information Server (IIS),334
Invoke() method,368
ISerializable interface,376
ISO-8859-8 charset,93
isOfType() function,258-261
isSupported() method,63
isual SourceSafe,673

JAVA API for Messaging (JAXM),519
Java API for XML,80
Java API for XML Registries (JAXR),519
Java class,672
Java programming language,345
Java RMI,345, 516
JavaScript functions
   expandCollapse(),234, 489
   showTab(),221, 489
   See also functions
JAXM (Java API for Messaging),519
JAXP (Java API for XML Processing),519
   (Java API for XML Registries),519
JPG files,553
Jscript .NET,641

key columns,87
<key> element,104
<keyref> element,104

<last> element,605
   Legacy Adapter,542-543
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol),672
leaseState property,380
   public instance methods,380
   public instance properties,380
Legacy Adapter Layer,538, 542-543
legacy data,599, 600
legacy systems
   availability of,533-534
   integration of,532-533
      core criteria,537-538
      layered approach,538-543
   interfacing,533, 534-535
      user interface-level,536
   Legacy Adapted Layer,542-543
   Services Layer,540-542
   Transport Layer,539-540
LegacyLayer object,542
Linux,518, 520, 525-526
<list> element,176
<list.children> element,230
<list.column> elements,230
<> element,225, 233-234
<list.item> elements,228, 231
<> element,225
<> element,225
<> element,231
loadXML() method,75
Location Path,655
locator link,654
Logical operation,605
long datatype,640

main() method,386
mainframes,5, 599
managed code,638
Managed Provider class,624
mandatory attributes,258-262, 468
mapping schema,126
MarshalByRefObject class,382
   by value,376
<math> element,648-649
Mathematical operation,605
MathML (Mathematical Markup Language),647-650
MBR (MarshalByReference) objects,404-405
MBV (MarshalByValue) objects,403
Memberwise Clone() method,410
memory management,639
<message> element,282, 285-286
Message Information dialog box,617
message queuing,615
Message Type Information dialog box,617
MessageName property,294
   beginnings of,272
   need for,272-273
   vs. RPC (Remote Procedure Call),272-273
messaging ports,326-328
metadata,12, 334
   generating client proxies from,369-373
   .NET Developer Studio support for,355
   in object-based content documents,549
   in presentation-based content documents,548
   uses for,334-335
   using XML for definition of,340-341
   in XML,335-337
Method Communication Wizard,617
method signatures,452-453
   Activator.GetObject(),378, 382
   computeFactorial(),382, 387
   Element object
   Node objects
   String getCartContents(),388
   String getName(),388
   void addItem(),388
   void removeItem(),388
   void setName(),388
   See also functions
MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes),201
Microsoft Download Center,72
Microsoft E-Commerce Evaluation Kit,598
Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC),201
Microsoft Message Queue Server (MMQS),272
Microsoft SQL Server 2000,110
   FOR XML clause,110
      AUTO mode,113-114
      EXPLICIT mode,114-122
      RAW mode,110-113
   OPENXML feature,129-131
   XML Templates feature,123-124
   XML View feature,124-129
mime namespace,347
mixed content elements,109
<mobile:Call> element,566
mobile devices
   calling Mobile Web forms by,559-560
Mobile Explorer Developer's Toolkit,553, 557-567
<mobile:TextBox> element,560
Mobile Web Forms,558-567
MOM (Message-Oriented Middleware),272
   features of,274
   vs. RPC (Remote Procedure Call),273
MoveToAttribute() method,633
MoveToFirstAttribute() method,633
MoveToNextAttribute() method,634
Mozilla browser
   support to MathML,648
   support to XLink,654
MPEG files,553
MQS (Microsoft Message Queue Server),272
MSMQ receive function,318-319
MSXML (Microsoft XML),16, 72
      DOM method,75-76
      SAX method,76-77
MSXML 4,683
multi-slot data store array,406
MustUnderstand fault code,586

<name> element,603
namespace axis,656
namespaces,158, 347, 370
   in XML,646-650
name-value pairs,9
<navigation> element,176, 240
navigation schema,239-241
navigation trees,247-251
   XML model,148
navigation view helper,179-193
<navitem> element,147-148, 239-241
nested elements,109
.NET Developer Studio
   Mobile Explorer Developer's Toolkit in,557-565
   support for metadata,355
   support for Web services,355
.NET Framework,29
   CLR (Common Language Runtime),374
   parsing within,80-81
   programming languages,638-642
   software as a service approach in,29-30
   using XML within,31
   Web site,683
.NET Remoting,373-374
Netscape Navigator,154
network protocols,321
News Industry Text Format (NITF),171
news view helper,194
<newsitem> element,176
Newspaper Association of America,171
NITF (News Industry Text Format),171
nodes,62-63, 86, 147, 157
NodeType property,632
Nokia Developer's Kit,555
none link,654
nonempty tags,12
non-valid documents,55-56
non-validating parsers,59
normalize() method,64
Notation DOM interface,66
null values,93

OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured In.formation Standards),34
object based-content documents,549-550
Object Database Management Group (ODMG),89
object instance documents,343
Object Request Brokers (ORBs),345
object-oriented DBMS (ODBMS),88-89
objects,17-21, 88-89, 375
   accessing across platforms,521-522
   C# class definitions,413
   client-activated,379, 387-393
      by reference,377, 404-405
      by value,376, 403
   not marshaled type,403
   overriding methods on,409
   passing as parameters,409
   serializing,341-343, 522
   server-activated,378, 382-387
   SingleCall type,378
   Singleton type,378
   See also classes
ObjPtr keyword,640
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity),672
ODBMS (object-oriented DBMS),88-89
ODMG (Object Database Management Group),89
onClick() event,164, 221, 244
online resources,33-35
onMouseOut() event,244
onMouseOver() event,244
Open() method,624
<openImage> element,151, 159
OPENXML feature (SQL Server 2000),129-131
operating systems,518
<operation> element,286
<option> element,568
OR statements,44
Oracle 9i,131
   generating XML documents in,134-137
   storing XML data in,137-139
   XML SQL Utility,132-134
   XMLType feature,140-143
   See also RDBMS (relational DBMS)
OracleXMLQuery class,134-136
OracleXMLSave class,137-139
Orchestration Services {BizTalk),317-318
orderItem( ) method,542
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS),34
<output> element,286

<padding> element,151
parent axis,656
parent elements,39, 114
parent-child relationship,87
parsed character data,40
   Java parsers
      Java API for XML,80
      XML for Java,80
      XML Parser for Java,80
   vs. processors,46
   See also development tools
   definitions of,58
   DOM method,69-70
   SAX method,70
   within .NET Framework,80-81
<part> element,285
PCs (personal computers),4, 547
PDAs (personal digital assistants),546
PDOM (Persistent DOM),69
perform( ) method,542
Persistent DOM (PDOM),69
personal digital assistants (PDAs),546
plus character (+),44
<port> element,288
portable devices,526, 548
   developing applications for,551-552
<portType> element,282, 286
<postfield> element,560, 569
pound sign (#),653
preceding axis,656
preceding-sibling axis,656
presentation layer,548-549
presentation services,532
presentation-based content documents,548-549
presentation-based user interfaces,208-209
primary keys,87
procedure flow,456-457
procedure invocation,21-25
process modeling,28-31
processing instructions,50
ProcessingInstruction DOM interface,66
process-level interfacing,535-536
   ArrayList items,388
   String firstName,388
   String lastName,388
<properties> element,214, 568
<property> element,214, 254, 568
property sheets,212
pull-down menus,203
Python programming language,642

<query> element,123
question mark (?),44

radio buttons,203, 267-270
RAW mode (FOR XML clause),110-113
RDBMS (relational DBMS),87-88
   data types in,92
   Microsoft SQL Server 2000,109-131
   Oracle 9i,131-143
   in server-side applications,412
   using XML with,94-109
   See also DBMS (database management systems)
RDF (Resource Description Framework),652-653
Read() method,632-633
receive functions,318-319
Recordset object,622-624
refer attribute,104
reference counting,380
refresh rates,547
Register() method,380
RegisterDynamicProperty() method,407
relational data,80
Relational Database Management System. See RDBMS
RELAX (Regular Language Description for XML),670
Remote Method Invocation (RMI),30
remote objects,376
   client-activated,379, 387-393
   configurations of,381
      by reference,377
      by value,376
   server-activated,378, 382-387
   See also objects
Remote Procedure Call. See RPC
remote services,344-345
remote Web Services,374-375
Remoting Object model,402
Remoting Object Model Architecture,408
removeAttribute() method,65
removeAttributeNode() method,65
removeAttributeNS() method,65
removeChild() method,64
Renew() method,379-380
RenewalOnCallTime property,380
replaceChild() method,64
Request.QueryString object,458
reservation systems
   business objects in,413-414
   client application,449-450, 453-455
      client code,457-458
      client.asp files,485-509
      controller design pattern,455-456
      ie5.xsl file,485-509
      procedure flow,456-457
      Web form code,458-485
   data adapters,422-425
   server application,411-412
      business logic requirements,413-416
      database requirements,412-413
      user requirements,416-417
   user requirements,450-451
   Web Services,413-416, 451
      method signatures,452-453
      obtaining information about,451-452
resource link,654
resultset-based mapping,94-101
rich-text formatting,262
right-click menus,203
RMI (Remote Method Invocation),30
root elements,11, 51
root nodes,158
<row> element,95
row filters,412
RowFilter property,412
RowState property,413
RPC (Remote Procedure Call),21-25
   vs. messaging systems,272-273
   vs. MOM (Message-Oriented Middleware),273
Rule Properties dialog,618

s namespace,347
S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions),328
s0 namespace,347
Save() method,623
SAX (Simple API for XML),59
   embedding MSXML using,76-77
   in parsing,70
   See also DOM (Document Object Model)
SAX parsers,67-68
   MSXML support to,72
   Xerces parser support to,77
scalability,171, 527, 534
Schema Adjunct,670
Schema for Object-Oriented XML (SOX),17-21
schema-based mapping,101-108
   business-object based,209-211
   creating with BizTalk Editor,600-604
   description of,33
   development tools,668-675
   in mapping XML documents,101-108
   navigation schema,239-241
   presentation-based,208-209, 548
   user interfaces,207-210
Scientific operation,605
SCL (Service Contract Language),31
Script Component Binding Wizard dialog box,614
Script Components,613-616
Script Expression textarea,618
scripting languages,146
scrollbar color,163
SDKs (software development kits),682-684
SearchResult form,563, 566
<section> element,212, 568
Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/ MIME),328
security,527, 639
select boxes,267-270
Select Destination Specification Type dialog box,604
<select> element,570
Select Source Specification Type dialog box,604
selectNodes() method,195
<selector> element,104
self axis,656
server application,411-412
   business logic requirements,413-416
   database requirements,412-413
   Golf Reservation System,417-446
   user requirements,416-417
Server fault code,586
server management tools,679-682
Server Side Includes (SSI),662
server-activated objects,378, 382-387
Service Contract Language (SCL),31
<service> element,282, 288
serviceDetail data structure,308
ServiceLayer object,542
serviceList data structure,308
Services Layer,538, 540-542
session protocols,554
setAddress() method,357
setAttribute() method,65
setAttributeNode() method,65
setAttributeNodeNS() method,65
setAttributeNS() method,65
SetData() method,407
setKeyColumnList() method,138
SetProperty() method,408
setUpdateColumnList() method,138
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language),8, 670, 672
Shift_JIS charset,93
shopping carts,387-393
   private instance properties,388
   public instance methods,388
showFunction() function,242
showTab() function,221, 489
Simple API for XML. See SAX
simple link,654
Singleton type objects,378
SingletonCall type objects,378
sink chains,376
small devices
   developing applicationms for,551-552
SNA (Systems Network Architecture),544
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol),661
   actor attribute,583
   default values,588
   developing applications,589
      using components,591-594
      using Web Services,589-591
      compound types,587-588
      simple types,587
   encodingStyle attribute,580-581
   <Envelope> root element,579-580
   <Fault> in <Body>,585-586
   <Header> element,581-582
   in Web Services,353
   messaging framework,277
      encoding rules,278
      message structure,277-278
      RPC mechanism,279
   mustUnderstand attribute,582-583
   Response <Body>,584-585
   in Web Services,353
<soap:address> element,288
<soap:body> element,288
<soap:header> element,288
soap namespace,347
SOAP Toolkit 2,683
SoapDocumentMethodAttribute attribute,367
soapenc namespace,347
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope> element,278
SoapHttpClientProtocol class,366-369
SOX (Schema for Object-Oriented XML),17-21, 671
SponsorshipTimeout property,380
SQL (Structured Query Language),88
<sql:relationship> element,127
SQL Server,110, 175, 680
   as a requirement for BizTalk Server,597-598
   evaluation version of,597-598
   FOR XML clause,110
      AUTO mode,113-114
      EXPLICIT mode,114-122
      RAW mode,110-113
   OPEN XML feature,129-131
   XML Templates feature,123-124
   XML View feature,124-129
sql:field attribute,127
sql:relation attribute,127
SSI (Server Side Includes),662
static fields,409
stream-based parsers,59
String firstName property,388
String getCartContents() method,388
String getName() method,388
String lastName property,388
String operation,605
StrPtr keyword,640
structured standards,645-646
Submit button,563
Submit method,319
Sybase Enterprise CONNECT middleware,537
synchronous methods,373
System.Data namespace,625
System.Data.ADO namespace,625
System.Data.SQL namespace,625
System.Data.SQLTypes namespace,625
System.Web.UI.MobileControls.MobilePage class,561
Systems Network Architecture (SNA),544

tab menus,242-246
tabButton class,220
<table> elements,214
tag number,114
TcpChannel class,376
TcpServerChannel class,384
Text DOM interface,66
text fields,251
text input,254-256
text range formatting,262
textarea,256-258, 497
text-based screens,599
TIBCO Extensibility,681
Tibco Rendezvous,272
title link,654
tModelDetail data structure,308
tModelList data structure,308
ToString() method,408, 410
touch screen,547
touch-tone keypads,555
Transaction property,294
transaction protocols,554
Transport Control Protocol (TCP),335
Transport Layer,539-540
transport layer security,554
tree-based parsers,59
tree-based parsing,60-61
typed data sets,425
<types> element,282, 284-285
typesetting converters,155

UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration),32, 683
   API (Application Programming Interface),307-313
   data model,306
   in Web Services,306-313
   Web site,313, 351
UIs (user interfaces),201-202
   color scheme,204
   input widgets,203, 251-252
      detail view,211-223
      list view,223-237
   modeling in XML,202
   navigation,203, 237-239
      creating navigation trees,247-251
      business object-based,209-211
   for small devices,548
   user actions,203
   in Web browsers,202
UML (Unified Modeling Language),28
undo actions,203
Unified Modeling Language (UML),28
<unique> element,103
Universal Table,114-120
UNIX,157, 518, 520, 525-526
UNIX sockets,514-515
Unregister() method,380
UnregisterDynamicProperty() method,407
untyped data sets,425
Update() method,413
updateXML() method,138
URIs (universal resource identifiers),18, 384
URLs (universal resource locators),370
user interface-level interfacing,536
user interfaces. See UIs
user names,370
user-defined hyperlinks,262

valdiateForn() function,494
valid documents,11-12, 55-56
validateForm() function,260-262
validating parsers,59
Validation property,635
ValidationEventArgs class,636
ValidationHandler event handler,635
value element,225
VarPtr keyword,640
VAX (Virtual Address extension),599
VCRs (video cassette recorders),556
VCVars32.bat script,383
VersionMismatch fault code,586
vertical bar ( | ),43, 44
<view> element,212
view helpers,172
   combining into a single page,197-199
view templates,214
Virtual Address extension (VAX),599
Virtual Memory System (VMS),599
Visual Basic .NET,640-641
Visual Studio .NET,518, 520
VMS (Virtual Memory System),599
void addItem() method,388
void removeItem() method,388
void setName() method,388
.vsdico files,356

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium),7
   Web site,34
WAP (Wireless Application Protocol),552, 554-555
WAP Forum,554
WAP phones,552
Web browsers
   CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) compliance to,154
   user interface in,202
   XSLT compliance to,156-157
Web form codes,458-485
Web pages,9
   controller patterns in,204-207
Web publishing,145-147
   with XML,149-150
Web reference,453
Web servers,5
Web service providers,290-293
Web Services,30, 352
   accessing objects,521-522
   ASP.NET consumer,294-298
   creating the provider of,290-293
   cross-platform development,516-523
   describing with WSDL (Web Services Description Language),280-282
   disadvantages of,528-530
   GolfCourse Service example,523-525
   HTTP Get method in,354
   HTTP Post method in,354
   Java APIs for,519
   and metadata,346-347
   method signatures,452-453
   .NET consumer,298-300
   non-.NET consumer,300-305
      handheld devices,526
      portable devices,526
   in reservation systems,413-416
   SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) in,353
   UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) in,306-313
   in XMLbased messaging,279-280
Web Services Description Language. See WSDL
Web Services for Python toolkit,301
Web sites
   ActiveState Corp.,642
   Antenna House,155
   Apache Group,77, 155,316
   CC/PP (Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles),553
   Cocoon project,551
   controller patterns in,172-174, 204-207
   development of
      cross-browser compatibility,171
      news feeds,171
   Microsoft Download Center,72
   Mobile Explorer Developer's Toolkit,558
   MSDN Third Party .NET Resources,642
   ODMG (Object Database Management Group),89
   SOAP toolkits,301
   UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration),313, 351
   W3C (World Wide Web Consortium),34
   WAP Forum,554
   Web Services toolkits,301
   XML Protocol Working Group,277
   XML Schema Datatypes specification,279
   XPath (XML Path Language),655
   XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation),661
   X-Smiles browser,155
WebDAV repository,325
well-formed documents,11-12
White Pages,307
widgets,203, 251-252
window color,163
Windows 2000,525, 597-598
Windows NT,525
Windows XP,525
wireless devices,211
Wireless Markup Language. See WML
WML (Wireless Markup Language),211, 554-555
   elements,560, 568-570
   vs HTML (Hypertext Markup Language),554
word processors,547
World Wide Web Consortium. See WC3
WSDL (Web Services Description Language),31, 347
   <definitions> root element in,282
   <binding> element,287-288
   command syntax,370
   describing Web Services with,280-282
   <message> element,282, 285-286
   metadata in,347
   namespaces in,347
   <portType> element,282, 286
   <service> element,282, 288
   <types> element,282, 284-285
   <binding> element,282
WYSIWYG (What You See Is-What You Get) editing,251, 262-264

XDK (XML Development Kits),131
XDR (XML-Data Reduced Language),176, 340, 671
Xerces parser,77-79, 683
XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language),647-649
XInclude (XML Inclusions),662-664
XLANG schedule,611
XLANG Scheduler Engine,611
XLink (XML Linking Language),654-655
xm:base attribute,657
XML (Extensible Markup Language)
   advantages of,340-341
   DBMS (database management systems) in,89-94
   defining data with,14-16
   goals of,37-38
   vs. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language),7
   metadata in,335-337, 340-341
   namespaces in,646-650
   online resources,33-35
   in problem-solving,12-14
   RDBMS (relational database management systems) in,94- 109
   use within .NET,31
   uses of
      application messaging,25-28
      object modeling,17-21
      procedure invocation,21-25
      process modeling,28-31
   Web publishing with,149-150
   Web sites,35
XML 3 SDK (Software Development Kit),147
XML Authority,668-673
   dialects supported in,670
   import data sources for,672
XML Base,657-658
XML Canon,682
XML Communication Wizard,617
XML Console,681
XML data,80
<?xml> declaration,40
XML Development Kits (XDK),131
XML documents. See documents
XML for Java,80
XML Inclusions {XInclude),662-664
XML Instance,676-678
XML Notepad,676
XML Parser for Java,80
XML Protocol (XMLP),31
XML Protocol Working Group,277
XML Query,664
XML Query Algebra,664
XML Query Data Model,664
XML Schema Definition (XSD),176
XML Schemas,11, 650-651, 671
XML software,32-33
   development tools
      XML Authority,668-673
      XML Spy,673-675
   document editors
      BizTalk Editor,675-676
      XML Instance,676-678
      XML Notepad,676
   document management tool
      XML Canon,682
      XML Console,681
   server management tool
      BizTalk Server,680
      SQL Server,680
   software development kits
      MSXML 4,683
      .NET Framework,683
      SOAP Tookit 2,683
      Xerces parser,683
XML Spy,673-675
XML SQL Utility (XSU),132-134
XML Template,123-124
XML Translation Information dialog box,617
XML User-Interface Language (XUL),251
XML View,124-129
XML Working Group,37,35,35
XML-based messaging,276
XML-Data Reduced Language (XDR),176
XmlDataDocument class,81, 625-631
XmlDocument class,80, 81
xmlns attribute,648
XMLP (XML Protocol),31
XmlReader abstract class,631
   GetAttribute() method,633
   Read() method,632-633
   reading attributes,633
   sample XML Reader,634-635
XML-RPC (XML-Remote Procedure Call),21-25
XmlTextReader class,635
XmlTextWriter class,638
   creating columns in,140-141
   inserting columns in,141-142
   in SELECT statements,142
   support for XPath,142-143
   updating columns in,141-142
XmlWriter abstract class,637-638
XPath (XML Path Language),72, 655
   axes in,656
   Web site,655
   XMLType support for,142-143
XPointer (XML Pointer Language),656-657
XSD (XML Schema Definition),176, 340
   generating database schema from,107-108
   generating from database schema,101-106
XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language)
   Formatting Objects,154-155
   generate-id() function,260
   See also CSS (Cascading Stylesheets)
<xsl:choose> element,493
<xsl:comment> element,335
XSL Formatter,155
<xsl:template> element,499-503
<xsl:value-of> element,660
<xsl:apply-templates> element,159, 215, 213, 234
<xsl:attribute> element,254
<xsl:choose> element,497
<xsl:for-each> element,215, 494
<xsl:output> element,158, 212
<xsl:stylesheet> element,212
XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation),14- 16, 658-660
   as an outgrowth of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language),154
   browser compliance,156-157
   creating navigation trees,247-251
   development of,155-156
   dynamic transformations,264-267
   MSXML support to,72
   sample documents,158-168
   transforming documents
      detail view,211-223
      list view,223-237
   Web site,661
   See also CSS (Cascading Stylesheets)
X-Smiles browser,155
XSU (XML SQL Utility),132-134
XUL (XML User-Interface Language),251

Yellow Pages,307

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