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Under Pressure and On Time
Author Ed Sullivan
Pages 304
Disk N/A
Level Intermediate
Published 04/04/2001
ISBN 9780735611849
ISBN-10 0-7356-1184-X
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Chapter 11: Scheduling

11 Scheduling

Creating the schedule for a project can often be one of the most difficult and politically charged aspects of the entire project. Schedule the project correctly, and you’ll have an effective tool to manage the project. Schedule the project poorly, however, and no matter how hard the team works, the effort will be perceived a failure if the software is delivered late. Although scheduling a project is notoriously difficult, understanding the principles of good scheduling can often make the difference between fabricating dates and developing a realistic time estimate.

In this chapter I’ll detail the information you’ll need to build a schedule, discuss the most important scheduling concepts, and show you how to create an accurate and realistic schedule.


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