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Under Pressure and On Time
Author Ed Sullivan
Pages 304
Disk N/A
Level Intermediate
Published 04/04/2001
ISBN 9780735611849
ISBN-10 0-7356-1184-X
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Chapter 11: Scheduling continued


Before you build a schedule, you need to understand your project’s require-ments, technology, and user interface. Figure 11-1 shows the elements involved in creating a schedule. Once you understand these fundamental aspects of your project, you should have an excellent idea of what you’re trying to build and how it will work.

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Figure 11-1 Critical input to the scheduling process

However, if you haven’t defined your project’s basic requirements, prototyped its biggest technical risks, or created a model of its user interface, you simply do not have enough information to create an accurate schedule. You won’t be able to enumerate the tasks involved or estimate accurately how long each of them will take. Your schedule will be filled with vague tasks that are too broad to track or measure, and because of this, your schedule won’t be trustworthy. It will be thrown aside at the first sign of trouble, and you’ll be left without any way of managing the delivery of your project.

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