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Author Charles Petzold
Pages 400
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 10/11/2000
ISBN 9780735611313
Price $17.99
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Best Friends3
Chapter 2 Codes and Combinations9
Chapter 3 Braille and Binary Codes15
Chapter 4 Anatomy of a Flashlight22
Chapter 5 Seeing Around Corners32
Chapter 6 Telegraphs and Relays40
Chapter 7 Our Ten Digits47
Chapter 8 Alternatives to 1054
Chapter 9 Bit by Bit by Bit69
Chapter 10 Logic and Switches86
Chapter 11 Gates (Not Bill)102
Chapter 12 A Binary Adding Machine131
Chapter 13 But What About Subtraction?143
Chapter 14 Feedback and Flip-Flops155
Chapter 15 Bytes and Hex180
Chapter 16 An Assemblage of Memory190
Chapter 17 Automation206
Chapter 18 From Abaci to Chips238
Chapter 19 Two Classic Microprocessors260
Chapter 20 ASCII and a Cast of Characters286
Chapter 21 Get on the Bus301
Chapter 22 The Operating System320
Chapter 23 Fixed Point, Floating Point335
Chapter 24 Languages High and Low349
Chapter 25 The Blossoming365

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