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Troubleshooting Your Web Page
Author Evan Callahan
Pages 400
Disk N/A
Level Beg/Int
Published 01/17/2001
ISBN 9780735611641
ISBN-10 0-7356-1164-5
Price(USD) $19.99
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Table of Contents

    About this bookxiii
    Troubleshooting tipsxvii
    A GIF animation isn’t working in the browser4
    My animated GIF file takes too long to load6
    A GIF animation is choppy8
    My FrontPage page transition isn’t working properly10
    My FrontPage dynamic effect isn’t working properly12
    I’m having trouble setting a background image16
    The background clashes with the page18
    I don’t like the way the background image is repeated20
    The background image file loads too slowly22
    The background doesn’t appear around the edges of an image24
    A border is too thick or thin, or I don’t want it at all30
    The border color or style isn’t what I want32
    I’m having trouble separating my page into sections34
    FrontPage shared borders aren’t displaying what I want36
    I can’t find the HTML file for a shared border40
    I want to get rid of a FrontPage shared border41
    I’m having trouble accessing the Internet44
    The browser displays a blank or partly blank page, or HTML code appears48
    I get an error in the browser when viewing my page50
    My page doesn’t work in a specific browser52
    My FrontPage web doesn’t work in a specific browser56
    My layout is different in different browsers58
    My page lacks color64
    The colors on my page clash66
    The color of a specific element isn’t what I want68
    My colors look wrong on 256-color computer systems70
    Colors in my images don’t match other colors on the page72
    Solid colors in my JPEG images look bad73
    Colors in my GIF images are dithered or grainy74
Creating & editing pages76
    There’s nothing on my new page78
    My HTML is messy and hard to read80
    The FrontPage editor changed the HTML or script82
    The HomeSite Design mode or CodeSweeper changed the HTML84
    I got an error because someone else was working on the same page85
    An HTML validation tool reports errors in my code86
    Our FrontPage team web project is disorganized88
    I can’t connect to a database94
    My connection string isn’t connecting to the database96
    FrontPage database features are unavailable100
    I can’t create a FrontPage database connection102
    I get an error on my FrontPage database results page104
    My FrontPage database results page doesn’t display results106
    Hyperlinks in my database don’t appear as links on the page107
    FrontPage doesn’t save the data in my form to the database108
    The default font doesn’t look right112
    The text is the wrong size compared to other items114
    The fonts I chose aren’t showing up on some computers118
    None of the available fonts gives me the effect I want120
    The layout of my form doesn’t look right124
    My text fields have different widths in different browsers127
    A form doesn’t work or causes an error message to appear128
    The radio buttons have a square background around them131
    My FrontPage form doesn’t save or send results properly132
    I’m getting the wrong values from radio buttons, check boxes, or list boxes134
    People are leaving form fields blank when they submit the form136
    Frames aren’t working142
    The borders or spacing between frames looks wrong144
    Frames are the wrong size or the layout is wrong146
    The FrontPage Frames menu items are dimmed149
    Hyperlinks don’t load pages into the frame I want150
    The new page I created in FrontPage didn’t get added to the frames page153
    None of the FrontPage web templates fit my needs156
    FrontPage created a web that doesn’t have all the pages I want160
    I get an error when I try to create or open a FrontPage web162
    When I print my web, I don’t get what I want165
    My hit counter, web bot, or component doesn’t work166
    Some FrontPage features aren’t available169
    A FrontPage report indicates problems or doesn’t work properly170
    The hyperlinks are broken176
    Text hyperlinks aren’t the right color or style180
    I added a drop-down list for linking to other pages, but can’t make it work182
    My page doesn’t do anything when you move the mouse over links and images184
    My web site lacks pictures or graphic artwork190
    My images take too long to load194
    Images I scanned don’t work or are too big198
    When I preview the page, I don’t see the images200
    The fonts in my images have jagged edges203
    The image has a slight halo204
    I can’t see all of my web page on one screen208
    My web page looks wrong at certain sizes210
    My page doesn’t look right when printed from a browser213
    The layout is inconsistent between pages214
    Elements don’t line up properly on the page216
    Text doesn’t wrap around or line up with an image properly220
    I need a vertical line, not a horizontal one223
    Sound or video isn’t working in my FrontPage web226
    My streaming audio or video isn’t working properly230
    My background sound doesn’t play234
    A media player plug-in doesn’t work on my page236
    My Java applet doesn’t work240
Office web features244
    A page from another program doesn’t work in my FrontPage web246
    A Word web page isn’t formatted correctly or isn’t working with my web250
    An Excel web page looks wrong or isn’t automatically refreshing254
    A PowerPoint presentation doesn’t work properly in the browser258
Publishing & servers262
    When I publish or upload my pages, I get an error264
    When I try to publish my FrontPage web, I get an error266
    I want HomeSite to transfer files, but deployment isn’t working270
    The FrontPage security option isn’t available or working274
    My site doesn’t show up in search engine listings278
    My script doesn’t work or displays an error282
    I copied some JavaScript into my page, but it doesn’t do what I want it to286
    My script works in one browser but not in another290
    My Active Server Pages file doesn’t work292
    Formatting and layout are inconsistent throughout my site298
    My styles aren’t working properly300
    The styles don’t work in a certain browser304
    FrontPage doesn’t let me change styles the way I want306
    The font is wrong in a table312
    I can’t get rid of the extra space in or between cells314
    Empty cells aren’t being displayed properly in Netscape316
    The table doesn’t work after I change or delete rows, columns, or cells318
    I specified column widths, but they still seem to vary from the size I gave320
Text formatting322
    The text wraps incorrectly or doesn’t fit where I want it to324
    There’s too much space between paragraphs327
    Text with special characters isn’t displayed properly328
    I want text to appear on top of my picture or graphic331
    Bulleted or numbered lists don’t look right332
HTML tag summary335
    Basic HTML page structure335
    Structure and page header tags335
    Headings, paragraphs, and line breaks338
    Text formatting339
    Images and objects342
    Tables and frames344
CSS property summary347
    Style sheet basics347
    Where to set styles349
    Color and background350
    Fonts and text352
    Margins, padding, and borders355
    Size and position357
Web authoring resources361
    Of special interest361
    General information362
    Web browsers363
    Products and tools363
    HTML and CSS364
    Multimedia and images365
    Scripting and Java366

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