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Microsoft® Windows® XP Registry Guide
Author Jerry Honeycutt
Pages 528
Disk N/A
Level Advanced
Published 09/11/2002
ISBN 9780735617889
ISBN-10 0-7356-1788-0
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Table of Contents

    Learning the Basics3
    Heart and Soul of Windows XP3
        For Power Users5
        For IT Professionals5
    Registry Warnings and Myths7
    Must-Know Concepts8
        Security Identifiers8
        Globally Unique Identifiers11
        Hexadecimal Notation11
        Bits and Bit Masks13
        Little-Endian and Big-Endian14
        ANSI and Unicode Encoding15
        Null and Empty Strings15
    Structure of the Registry16
    Organization of the Registry22
    Registry Management Tools27
    Registry Hive Files28
        Hives in HKLM29
        Hives in HKU29
2  Using the Registry Editor31
    Running Regedit32
    Exploring Regedit33
        Key Pane34
        Value Pane36
    Searching for Data36
        Searching Incrementally38
        Searching in Binary Values38
        Bookmarking Favorite Keys39
        Using Better Techniques40
    Editing the Registry41
        Changing Values42
        Adding Keys or Values45
        Deleting Keys or Values45
        Renaming Keys or Values46
    Printing the Registry46
    Exporting Settings to Files48
        Registration Files50
        Win9x/NT4 Registration Files51
        Hive Files52
        Text Files52
    Working with Hive Files53
    Getting Beyond Basics54
3  Backing Up the Registry55
    Editing the Registry Safely56
        Copying Single Values56
        Backing Up to REG Files58
        Backing Up to Hive Files59
    Fixing Corrupt Settings61
        Allowing Windows XP to Fix Errors62
        Repairing an Application's Settings63
        Removing Programs from the Registry64
        Using Another Computer's Settings66
    Using System Restore66
        Taking Configuration Snapshots68
        Peeking Under the Covers69
        Managing System Restore71
        Hacking System Restore72
        Scripting System Restore73
    Backing Up the Registry Regularly73
        Planning a Backup Strategy75
        Backing Up System State Data76
        Restoring System State Data78
    Backing Up User Settings79
    Recovering from Disasters79
        Advanced Options Menu80
        Recovery Console81
        Automated System Recovery83
4  Hacking the Registry85
    Redirecting Special Folders86
    Customizing Shell Folders88
        Renaming Desktop Icons91
        Using Custom Icon Images92
        Adding Desktop Icons92
        Hiding Desktop Icons94
    Customizing File Associations95
        Running Programs from My Computer96
        Open Command Prompts at Folders98
        Rooting Windows Explorer at a Folder99
        Adding InfoTips to Program Classes101
    Adding File Templates103
    Preventing Messenger from Running104
    Personalizing the Start Menu104
        Configuring the Menu's Contents105
        Trimming the Frequently Used Programs List107
        Restoring the Sort Order107
    Customizing Internet Explorer108
        Extending the Shortcut Menus109
        Changing the Toolbar Background110
        Customizing Search URLs110
    Clearing History Lists113
    Running Programs at Startup114
    Controlling Registry Editor114
        Default Action for REG Files114
        Storing Window Position and Size115
    Logging On Automatically115
    Changing User Information116
    Looking for More Hacks116
5 Mapping Tweak UI119
        Command Keys128
    Common Dialog Boxes129
        XP Start Menu132
        First Icon134
    My Computer134
        Special Folders135
    Control Panel138
    Internet Explorer139
        View Source141
    Command Prompt141
6  Using Registry-Based Policy145
    Editing Local Policies146
        Group Policy Extensions149
        Registry-Based Policy149
        Group Policy Storage152
    Extending Registry-Based Policy153
        VALUEON and VALUEOFF161
    Deploying Registry-Based Policy175
        Windows 2000 Server-Based Networks176
        Windows NT-Based and Other Networks177
    Customizing Windows XP178
    Using the Group Policy Tools181
        Help and Support Center183
        Resultant Set of Policy184
    Finding More Resources185
7  Managing Registry Security187
    Setting Keys' Permissions188
        Adding Users to ACLs189
        Removing Users from ACLs190
        Assigning Special Permissions191
    Mapping Default Permissions192
    Taking Ownership of Keys198
    Auditing Registry Access198
    Preventing Local Registry Access200
    Restricting Remote Registry Access200
    Deploying Security Templates201
        Creating a Security Management Console202
        Choosing a Predefined Security Template203
        Building a Custom Security Template204
        Analyzing a Computer's Configuration205
        Modifying a Computer's Configuration207
        Deploying Security Templates on the Network208
8  Finding Registry Settings209
    Comparing REG Files210
        Using WinDiff212
        Using Word 2002213
    Comparing with Reg.exe215
    Auditing the Registry216
        Setting Audit Policy216
        Auditing Registry Keys217
        Analyzing the Results218
    Monitoring the Registry218
        Using Winternals Regmon219
        Filtering for Better Results220
9  Scripting Registry Changes225
    Choosing a Technique226
    Installing INF Files227
        Starting with a Template228
        Linking Sections Together231
        Adding Keys and Values232
        Deleting Keys and Values233
        Setting and Clearing Bits234
        Using Strings in INF Files236
    Setting Values with REG Files238
        Exporting Settings to REG Files239
        Creating REG Files Manually241
        Encoding Special Characters242
        Deleting Keys Using a REG File242
    Editing from the Command Prompt242
        Adding Keys and Values244
        Querying Values245
        Deleting Keys and Values246
        Comparing Keys and Values246
        Copying Keys and Values247
        Exporting Keys to REG Files248
        Importing REG Files248
        Saving Keys to Hive Files248
        Restoring Hive Files to Keys249
        Loading Hive Files249
        Unloading Hive Files249
    Scripting Using Windows Script Host250
        Creating Script Files250
        Running Script Files253
        Formatting Key and Value Names254
        Adding and Updating Values255
        Removing Keys and Values255
        Querying Registry Values256
    Creating Windows Installer Packages257
10  Deploying User Profiles259
    Exploring User Profiles260
        Profile Hives262
        Profile Folders264
        Special Profiles266
    Getting User Profiles268
        Local Profiles268
        Roaming Profiles269
    Using Roaming User Profiles270
        Managing Roaming User Profiles272
        Understanding Fast Network Logon274
        Understanding the New Merge275
    Deploying Default User Profiles276
        Customizing User Settings278
        Cleaning User Profiles279
        Creating Default User Folders281
        Deploying Default User Folders282
    Coexisting with Earlier Versions of Windows283
    Migrating User Settings to Windows XP284
        Files And Settings Transfer Wizard284
        User State Migration Tool285
11  Mapping Windows Installer287
    Repairing Registry Settings288
    Managing Windows Installer with Policies289
        Installing with Elevated Privileges292
        Caching Transforms in Secure Location292
        Locking Down Windows Installer293
    Removing Windows Installer Data294
    Inventorying Applications296
12  Deploying with Answer Files299
    Creating Distribution Folders300
    Customizing Answer Files302
        Setup Manager306
        Notepad and Other Text Editors308
    Adding Settings to Unattend.txt310
    Logging On Automatically After Installation312
13  Cloning Disks with Sysprep315
    Cloning Windows XP316
        Windows XP Tools317
        Sysprep Limitations318
    Building a Disk Image320
        Customizing Mini-Setup320
        Preparing for Duplication323
        Cloning the Disk Image324
    Reducing Image Count326
        Filling SysprepMassStorage Manually327
        Filling SysprepMassStorage Automatically328
        Cleaning Up After Sysprep328
    Mapping Sysprep Settings329
    Keeping Perspective331
14  Microsoft Office XP User Settings333
    Profile Wizard334
        Customizing the Wizard335
        Capturing Settings344
        Deploying Settings345
    Custom Installation Wizard346
        Add/Remove Registry Entries347
        Customize Default Application Settings348
        Change Office User Settings350
        Add Installations and Run Programs351
    Custom Maintenance Wizard352
    Group and System Policy352
15  Working Around IT Problems355
    Controlling Just-in-Time Setup356
        Outlook Express357
        Windows Media Player358
        Desktop Themes358
        Other Shortcuts359
    Removing Components361
        Answer File [Components] Section361
        Extending Windows Components Wizard363
        Removing Components After Installation364
        Hiding Non-Removable Components365
    Removing Policy Tattoos367
    Elevating Processes' Privileges369
        Group Policy369
        Secondary Logon370
        Scheduled Tasks371
    Severing File Associations374
    Deploying Office XP Trusted Sources375
    Enabling Remote Desktop Remotely376
    Customizing the Windows XP Logon376
A  File Associations379
    Merge Algorithm379
    File Extension Keys380
    Program Class Keys382
    Specialized Keys387
    COM Class Keys388
B  Per-User Settings391
    Control Panel394
        Desktop\Window Metrics399
    Keyboard Layout402
        Microsoft\Command Processor405
        Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard406
        Microsoft\Internet Explorer406
        Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt407
        Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL408
        Microsoft\Search Assistant412
        Explorer\User Shell Folders419
C  Per-Computer Settings421
        Microsoft\Active Setup427
        Microsoft\Command Processor427
        Microsoft\Driver Signing428
        Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion430
        App Paths432
        Explorer\User Shell Folders435
        CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles439
D  Group Policies443

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