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Microsoft® ASP.NET Web Matrix Starter Kit
Author Mike Pope
Pages 400
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Beg/Int
Published 01/22/2003
ISBN 9780735618565
Price $29.99
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Table of Contents

1   What Does Web Programming Mean, Anyway? 3
    Server As Processor, Page as Program 4
        Where Microsoft ASP.NET Fits In 6
    Characteristics of Server-Based Web Programming 7
        Postbacks and Round Trips 8
        The Disconnected Web 8
        Each Page Is New 9
        Web Amnesia: Stateless Pages 9
    Browser-Based Programming 10
        Browser Compatibility 12
2   Overview of Web Matrix, ASP.NET, and Visual Basic .NET 15
    Web Programming and ASP.NET 15
    A Peek Inside the .NET Framework 17
    Web Matrix: Enabling Web Programming for the Rest of Us 18
        Web Matrix and Community 19
    Using Visual Basic .NET with Web Matrix 20
    Basics of Visual Basic .NET 23
        Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) 23
3   Getting Ready to Program with ASP.NET and Web Matrix 29
    Working with ASP.NET Web Pages 29
    Options for Testing and Running ASP.NET Web Pages 30
        Working with ISPs 30
        Finding an ASP.NET-Friendly Hosting Site 31
        Hosting the Site Yourself 31
    Providing Data Access for Your Web Pages 33
    Installing and Configuring the Required Software 33
        Installing Windows 34
        Setting Permissions for a Web Site 34
        Installing IIS 35
        Installing Internet Explorer 35
        Installing the .NET Framework 36
        Installing Web Matrix 37
        Installing MSDE 2000 37
4   Getting to Know Web Matrix 43
    Before You Start 43
    Looking Around the Web Matrix Development Environment 46
    Adding Text and Controls to the Page 49
    Working with Different Views of a Document 50
    Positioning Text and Elements 51
        Absolute Positioning 51
        Controlling the Grid 53
    Setting Properties for Controls 55
    Programming the Button 57
    Testing the Page 57
    Examining How Event Handlers Work 59
    Reviewing Round Trips and Postback 61
    Rendering Controls 61
5   Creating a Simple Slideshow 65
    How the Slideshow Works 65
    Got Pictures? 66
    Creating the Page 66
        Building the Slide List 68
        Loading the Slide List and Initializing the Page 69
    Testing the Page 70
    Adding Slide Navigation 71
        Maintaining the Slide Number in Viewstate 71
        Programming the Next and Previous Buttons 74
    Adding a Navigation Bar 77
    Adding Captions to the Slideshow 80
6   Maintaining User Preferences 85
    Creating the Preferences Page 86
        Populating the DropDownList Control 88
    Programming the Preview Button 91
        Turning Captions On and Off 91
        Previewing the Current Color 92
        Previewing the Font 93
        Reviewing the Preview Handler 94
        Testing the Preview Button 95
    Saving the Preferences 95
        About Cookies 95
        Programming the Save Preferences Button 96
    Displaying the Slideshow Page 97
    Reading the Preferences 98
        Reading the Cookie and Setting Values 98
    Linking Back to the Preferences Page 100
    Adding the Immediate Preview Feature 101
7   Creating a Random Quotes Page 103
    Creating the Quotations Text File 104
    Creating the Quotations Page 105
        Finding the Quotations File 107
        Reading the Quotations File 107
    Defensive Coding: Error Handling 109
    Generating a Random Number 110
    Getting and Displaying the Quotation 111
    Testing the Page 113
    Caching the Quotations When the Application Starts 114
8   Creating a Page Hit Counter 117
    Counting Visitors to Your Pages 117
    What Is a Hit? 119
    Tracking Unique Hits 120
    Creating a Page That Counts Hits 121
    Creating the Counter Logic 123
        Getting the Current Counter 125
        Checking the Cookie and Incrementing the Counter 126
        Displaying the Counter 128
    Testing the Counter 130
    Creating Graphical Numbers 131
        Creating the Graphics Files 132
        Displaying the Graphical Numbers 134
9   Show Me the Data! 139
    Using Databases with Your Web Applications 139
    Getting Acquainted with ASP.NET Data Access Objects 141
        Understanding the Connection Object 142
        Understanding the Command Object 143
        Understanding the Data Reader Object 144
    Preserving Data During Round Trips 145
        About Data Binding 146
    Creating a Database in Web Matrix 146
        Creating the Database 147
    Creating a Simple Data-Display Page 153
    Customizing the Data-Display Grid 155
    Examining Data Components in the Page 156
10   Creating a Guestbook 159
    Creating the Guestbook Database Table 160
    The Guestbook Page 163
        Creating Code to Add a Guestbook Entry to the Database 164
        Sending the Visitor's Input to the Database 167
    Creating a Simple Guestbook Listing 170
    Validating User Input 173
        Understanding Validator Controls 174
        Adding Validation to the Guestbook 176
11   Creating a More Flexible Guestbook Listing 183
    Overview of Templates and Data Binding 183
    Creating a Second Guestbook Listing Page 187
    Binding Controls 191
    Defining Additional Templates 194
    Programming the DataList Control 195
    Testing the Page 196
    Adding an Alternating Template 197
        Examining Templates in HTML View 198
        Examining Data Binding 199
    Working with the Repeater Control 201
12   Creating a Database-Driven Slideshow 205
    Collecting Pictures for the Slideshow 206
    The Slideshow Database Structure 207
    Creating the Slideshow Tables 209
    Creating a Slideshow Picker Page 212
    Programming the Slideshow Picker Page 214
    Data and State Management 216
        Understanding Datasets 217
        Caching Data in the Session Object 218
    Creating the Slideshow Viewer Page 219
    Programming the Slideshow Viewer Page 221
        Programming the Dataset 222
        Displaying the Current Slide 226
        Navigating Between Slides 228
        Testing the Slideshow Viewer Page 229
13   Updating Master-Details Tables 231
    Creating the Slideshows Master Page 232
        Inserting Slideshow Records into the Database 235
        Navigating to the Details Page 238
    Creating the Slide Details Page 240
        Reading the Slideshow Name from the Master Page 242
        Inserting Individual Slides into the Database 243
        Displaying Slides for the Current Slideshow 245
        Deleting Existing Slides 248
        Editing Existing Slides 250
        Programming the Edit Buttons to Update the Database 252
        Testing Editing Capabilities 255
    Maintaining Master-Details Integrity 256
14   Creating a Web-Based Calendar 259
    Creating the Calendar Database Table 260
    Creating a Calendar Entry Page 261
        Programming Date Selection with the Calendar 264
        Adding a Calendar Record to the Database 265
    Creating a Page to View the Calendar 268
        Highlighting Appointment Days in the Calendar 269
        Displaying Appointment Details 272
15   Sending E-Mail Messages from Your Web Application 277
    Configuring an E-Mail Server 278
        How the SMTP Virtual Server Works 278
        Installing and Configuring the SMTP Virtual Server 279
    Creating a Simple Page to Send E-Mail Messages 285
        Creating Code to Send E-Mail Messages 288
    Sending E-Mail Alerts from Your Guestbook 291
    Allowing Users to E-Mail Pictures from Your Slideshows 294
        Adding a Send This Picture Button to the Slideshow 295
        Creating a Page for Sending the Picture 296
        Adding Code to Display the Picture 298
        Adding Code to Send the Picture as an E-Mail Attachment 299
        Testing the Send Picture Page 300
A   Security and ASP.NET Web Applications 305
    Protecting Your Computer 307
        Restricting Access to Your Computer 307
        Restricting Access to Resources on the Computer 308
        Staying on Top of Security 309
        General Recommendations 310
    Securing Your Web Applications 310
        Understanding the ASPNET Account 310
        Protecting Against Malicious User Input 312
        Guarding Secrets 314
        Authenticating Users 315
        Accessing Databases Securely 317
    Thinking Securely 320
B   Deploying Web Matrix Applications 321
    Deploying Web Pages on a Local Web Site 321
        Configuring IIS for a Local Web Site 322
        Configuring Database Access for a Local Web Site 324
    Deploying Web Pages to a Hosting Site 325
        Copying Web Pages to a Hosting Site 325
        Copying Database Tables to a Hosting Site 328

Last Updated: January 4, 2003
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