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Programming Applications for Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007
Author Randy Byrne; Ryan Gregg
Pages 608
Disk 1 null
Level Int/Adv
Published 02/28/2007
ISBN 9780735622494
Price $59.99
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Companion Content

Welcome to the companion content page for Programming Applications for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.This page has content and links related to this book. For additional information, see the book's Introduction.

VB and C# Code Samples and Snippets

Download the Code Samples and Snippets (587 KB).

System Requirements
You’ll need the following hardware and software to build and run the code samples for this book:
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Office System (optional)
  • 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
  • 256 megabyte (MB) of RAM or higher
  • 1.5 gigabyte (GB) for Outlook 2007; a portion of this disk space will be freed after installation if the original download package is removed from the hard drive. Sample code that accompanies this book requires 5 MB.
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • 1024 × 768 or higher resolution monitor
  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Vista, or later operating system
  • Connectivity to Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or later is required for certain advanced functionality in Outlook 2007. Instant Search requires Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 3.0 or later. Dynamic Calendars require server connectivity. Connectivity to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with SP1 or later running Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is required for certain advanced collaboration functionality. Connectivity to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is required for certain advanced functionality. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, 32-bit browser only. Internet functionality requires Internet access (fees might apply).
Installing the Code Samples

To install this download:
1. Download the file by clicking the Download link (above) and saving the file to your hard disk.
2. Double-click the SampleCode_978-0-7356-2249-4.msi file on your hard disk to start the setup program.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
4. The sample code installation package will install SampleCodeCS and SampleCodeVB to the My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects folder.

After you download the code samples file to your computer, run the installer and follow the instructions that appear.

Uninstalling the Code Samples

To remove this download:
1. On the Start menu, point to Settings and then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
3. In the list of currently installed programs, select Sample Code for Programming Applications for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
4. Click Remove, and then click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the program.

To remove the download file itself:

Delete the file SampleCode_978-0-7356-2249-4.msi from your hard disk.

VB and C# Sample Add-ins and Templates

The following sample add-ins and templates are discussed in this book. The samples and the Outlook Add-in Templates are available for download on MSDN.

Outlook 2007 Sample Add-ins: Rules, Travel Agency, and Prepare for Meeting

Outlook 2007 Sample: Ribbon Extensibility Add-In

Outlook 2007 Sample: Visual Studio 2005 Templates

Links to Web content

The following Web content is discussed in this book and provides important information for Outlook development.

2007 Office System Document: Lists of Control IDs

2007 Office System Document: UI Style Guide for Solutions and Add-Ins

2007 Office System: XML Schema Reference

Create Office (2007) Custom Task Panes

Customize the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers(Part 1)

Customize the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers(Part 2)

Customize the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers(Part 3)

Developer Overview of the User Interface for the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Isolating Microsoft Office Extensions with the COM Shim Wizard Version 2.0

Outlook Developer Portal

Support Information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the book and the companion content.

As corrections or changes are collected, they will be added to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article. You can find Knowledge Base articles and other support options at the following location: Microsoft Press Book and CD Support Web Site.

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 13, 2007