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Programming Microsoft® Robotics Studio
Author Sara Morgan
Pages 288
Disk 1 null
Level Int/Adv
Published 03/12/2008
ISBN 9780735624320
Price $34.99
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Companion Content

Welcome to the companion content page for Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio, which has content and links related to this book. For additional information, see the book's Introduction.

Code Samples

Download the Code Samples (6.07 MB).

System Requirements
You’ll need the following hardware and software to build and run the code samples for this book:

Hardware Requirements

It is recommended that you use a development machine such as a laptop or desktop computer. The minimum requirements for this development machine are as follows:

  • Personal computer with 600 MHz Pentium III-compatible processor (1 GHz or more recommended)
  • 512 MB of RAM (1GB or more recommended)
  • 200 MB free hard disk space for the MSRS installation
  • Up to 1.3 GB free hard disk space may be required when installing the Visual Studio Express Edition
  • Super VGA (1024 X 768) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor
  • Internal graphics card capable of supporting vertex shader VS_2_0 or higher and pixel shader PS_2_0or higher (needed to run the simulations in Chapter 4)
  • Keyboard and Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device

Software Requirements

You will need to install the full version of MSRS, which is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center site. As long as you use MSRS to follow along with the examples in this book and do not use it for commercial distribution purposes, you may download and install it for free. You will also need a copy of Visual Studio installed on your development machine. If you do not already have a copy installed, you can download an Express Edition from the Microsoft Web site for free.

Installing the Code Samples
After you download the code samples file to your computer, run the installer and follow the instructions that appear.

Uninstalling the Code Samples
To remove the code samples from your computer, make the appropriate selection from Add Or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

Support Information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the book and the companion content.

As corrections or changes are collected, they will be added to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article. You can find Knowledge Base articles and other support options at the following location: Microsoft Press Book and CD Support Web Site.

Last Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2008