Windows MultiPoint Mouse Software Development Kit: Benefits

Benefits of Windows MultiPoint Mouse SDK

MultiPoint Mouse SDK offers a wide variety of benefits for Education ISVs, Schools and Teachers.

For education ISVs and content developers

Grow your business by delivering content in new, interactive ways that meet school needs

Enter new market segments by offering schools and governments greater value on their technology investments

Innovate using familiar and supported Windows technologies, such as Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft® .NET.

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For schools

MultiPoint Mouse SDK solutions can provide schools that face tight technology budgets, but strive to narrow the digital divide, with a low cost solution to integrate technology into the classroom.

MultiPoint Mouse SDK applications allow schools to increase the number of students that can access technology in a classroom or lab, simply by plugging in an existing or new mouse per student.

MultiPoint Mouse SDK solutions increase the value and derived benefit of new & old computer purchases by schools and governments. And with MultiPoint Mouse SDK applications, schools do not need to purchase expensive, proprietary hardware peripherals.

For teachers and students

Applications built on the MultiPoint Mouse SDK can provide teachers with tools to gain real-time assessment information to help them provide a personalized learning experience for each of their students.

Applications built on the MultiPoint Mouse SDK can increase student learning comprehension through interactive methods.

MultiPoint Mouse applications can further a student’s engagement, collaboration, interaction and overall cognitive and social skills within a classroom or lab environment.