Windows MultiPoint Mouse SDK Showcase

Download and experience the latest educational applications developed using the MultiPoint Mouse SDK!

Curriculum Curiosity. MULTIcreativity by Noviy Disk

Curriculum Curiosity, an art application, enables students to work together on various workshops such as painting, making appliqués and collages, and creating patterns.

Amazing Concert by AmazingEdu

Amazing Concert is designed to teach basic music concepts. It enables students to create and play back their own musical pieces using a variety of virtual instruments.

Story Stage by Scholastic

Story Stage, a puppet-based literacy application, enables students to work together to animate and recreate different scenes from their favorite stories.

Mouse Mischief by Microsoft

Mouse Mischief is a free tool that teachers can use to make their Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations interactive. With Mouse Mischief, teachers can add multiple-choice questions to their presentations, and have large groups of students answer the questions using mice connected to the teacher�s PC.