.NET Framework 4.6 RTM is available

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Understand .NET 2015

.NET 2015 is the umbrella that represents the key pieces of the .NET platform delivered from Microsoft, including the .NET Framework, the recently announced .NET Core, and a shared common layer of packages, compilers and runtime. Read this .NET blog post about the evolution of the platform and the different pieces that make .NET 2015.


Cross-Platform .NET

Create .NET applications based on .NET Core and deploy to Windows, Linux and OS X. .NET Core is a self-contained .Net, redesigned and optimized for modern workloads. It's being developed in the open by the Microsoft .NET product team and the .NET community.

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.NET Foundation

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization to foster open development and collaboration around the Microsoft .NET development framework. It serves as a forum for community and commercial developers alike to broaden and strengthen the future of the .NET ecosystem by promoting openness and community participation to encourage innovation.

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