Case Studies

Examples of how .NET delivers business value.

Switching from Java to .NET

After an unsuccessful attempt to develop a mission-critical imaging application in Java, CoreLab moved its development to the .NET Framework, using the Visual Studio IDE and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

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Delivering applications quickly

Geico needed to develop its GloveBox app for Windows Phone 7 quickly to debut at the then-imminent launch of the Microsoft phone. The company met these goals and more through its use of the .NET Framework.

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.NET & mission-critical apps

SDC decided to move its core banking system from a mainframe to a more modern platform. Although the company had previously used Java, SDC successfully moved its mission-critical system to the .NET Framework.

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Learn how Telefonica used the .NET Framework to launch the developer platform BlueVia.

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Learn how Rackspace used the .NET Framework to create a toolkit that simplifies cloud development.

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Learn how Orion Energy Systems used the .NET Framework to develop a cloud app for customers to monitor their energy consumption.

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Learn how K2 used the .NET Framework to improve its build environment and gain greater visibility into project status.

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Learn how UNX used the .NET Framework to build a desktop app for institutional investors and brokers.

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Learn how Royal Adelaide Hospital used the .NET Framework to increase its operation visibility and improve patient management and care.

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