.NET Developer Stories

Code Legion celebrates heroic developers that shape our digital world. Watch full interviews with Todd Morrison (Proto) and Tim G. Thomas (Pixel Perfecta) hosted by Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks! They will inspire you to find your alter-ego.

Todd Morrison – "Proto" Superhero

Check out our interview with Superhero Todd Morrison, and meet his alter ego Proto. Morrison is a Sr. Software Engineer at Vertigo who believes "everyone's a developer," because everyone participates in the process.

"We need people that see beauty in technology, to convince [everyone] that this is part of humanity. This is the future, and we need to embed it." – Morrison

Listen to the full podcast on the Tablet Show.

Tim G. Thomas – "Pixel Perfecta" Superhero

Thomas, alter ego Pixel Perfecta, is a Software Engineer at Frog. When asked if he’d be someone different in another life his answer was a resounding no.

"No one but a developer...to help solve people problems through technology and coding." – Thomas

If Thomas could choose a word to never hear again, it would be "just." Check out his interview to find out why.

Listen to the full podcast on the Tablet Show.