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Install .NET Framework 4.5

Dave Corbin, President / Chief Architect at Dynamic Concepts Development Corp.

A developer since the 1970s, Dave Corbin has earned a reputation for quick, New York wit and a deep understanding of what lies well-hidden beneath your code.

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Dave Harrison, .NET Lead Developer at Columbia Sportswear, Inc.

With a taste for the outdoors that fits right into his company’s culture, Dave leads a development team that helps ensure things go smoothly along a billion-dollar global supply chain. Find out how they stay on top of it all using .NET.

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Robert John MacLean, Visual Studio ALM MVP

As one of South Africa’s most visible .NET developers, Robert MacLean troubleshoots line of business applications for some of his country’s biggest firms. But when he’s not presenting on the road or working a project, he writes code to impress his most demanding critic: his three-year-old son.

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Rob Maher, Visual Studio ALM MVP

With his unique, embedded approach to training, Rob Maher has taught Agile methodologies everywhere from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines. Even so, he still puts on his developer’s hat for several months a year to stay in touch with .NET.

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John Petersen, Microsoft ASP.NET/IIS MVP at Neudesic

When he’s not solving complex coding problems or contributing to the .NET community, John Petersen devotes time to his other passion: jazz drumming. Find out why he believes they are all more closely related than you might think.

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