.NET Downloads

.NET Framework Downloads

The .NET Framework provides a comprehensive programming model for building all kinds of applications on Windows, from mobile to web to desktop.

.NET Core Downloads

These are advanced and specific downloads. You mostly likely just need the simpler instructions, so be aware. That said, you can download .NET Core as either an installer (msi, pkg) or a archive (zip, tar.gz).

You probably only need to download one of these:

NOTE: RC2 is Build 2702 while SDK+Tooling is Preview 1.

.NET Core Installer
.NET Core SDK Installer
(Preview 1)
.NET Core binaries only
.NET Core SDK binaries only
(Preview 1)
Windows x64 / x86 .exe x64 / x86 .exe x64 / x86 .zip x64 / x86 .zip
Windows (Server Hosting) x64 / x86 .exe N/A N/A N/A
Ubuntu 14.04 soon: "apt install dotnet" x64 .tar.gz x64 .tar.gz
Debian 8.2 N/A N/A x64 .tar.gz x64 .tar.gz
Mac OS X x64 .pkg x64 .pkg x64 .tar.gz x64 .tar.gz
CentOS 7.1 N/A N/A x64 .tar.gz x64 .tar.gz
RHEL 7.2 soon: "yum install dotnet" x64 .tar.gz x64 .tar.gz

Daily Builds

Not advanced enough for you? Want to live on the cutting edge?

Visit our GitHub repositories. Head over here to work with the daily and continuous integration builds of .NET Core as well as the GitHub Repo for ASP.NET Core.


The Visual Studio family provides the best development experience for creating .NET applications, for any developer, any app and any platform, for free.

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