Nursing Home Cuts Admission Times by 90 percent with CRM Administration and Clinical System

*“On average, we save 30 minutes per doctor visit, 20 minutes per shift handover, and half an hour per referral. Overall, our productivity has improved by
10 percent.”  *

Madam Low Mui Lang Executive Director
Peacehaven Nursing Home


Care staff at Singapore’s 401-bed Peacehaven Nursing Home spent hours each week searching for information, filling out forms and copying medical notes. In 2010, the home introduced a web-based resident information system, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage medical files, admissions, medication and therapy plans. With secure access to all files from multiple devices, staff productivity is higher, administration is smoother, and residents enjoy more personalised care.

Business Needs
Founded in 2000, the Peacehaven Nursing Home (Peacehaven) in Singapore is a 401-bed nursing home run by the Salvation Army. It offers long-term, convalescent and respite care in a home-like environment, and ensures residents’ medical needs are professionally fulfilled.

Peacehaven has to comply with strict regulations and care-quality standards set by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MoH). In practice, this means nursing and management staff must use approximately 100 different forms to log their activities, which include monitoring symptoms, supplying medication, modifying treatment plans and managing therapies.

“Creating and managing paper forms consumed a great deal of time,” says Madam Low Mui Lang, Executive Director, Peacehaven. “For example, medical files are essential working documents for our nurses, visiting doctors, therapists and pastoral care workers, but the file can only be reviewed by one person at a time. Doctors could only study residents’ files while they visited Peacehaven and the file was available.”

Care staff often spent half an hour deciphering doctors’ notes to eliminate any risk of a treatment error. Hand-overs at the end of each shift often took half an hour, as nurses ensured that staff taking over had all essential information. In addition, Madam Low often had to compile detailed reports for relatives and the MoH by hand.

“We were wasting valuable time on administration,” says Madam Low. “Person-centred care means doing everything we can to deliver a better quality of life. We needed to focus on residents, but we spent hours each week managing the paper trail.”

In early 2010, Madam Low conducted a series of strategic review sessions, including one with Pulsesync, a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions. Pulsesync Managing Director, Ken Tan, suggested creating a highly flexible resident information system using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“One key advantage for Dynamics CRM is that it’s browser-based,” says Mr. Tan. “This makes it ideal for a hospital or medical environment, because it means files can be accessed from any connected device. Nurses can do their rounds with tablets or laptops on trolleys—adding or reviewing file notes as they go— while doctors can remotely peruse the same files from their own clinics or practices.”

*“Dynamics CRM integrates well with Microsoft Office and Outlook,” says Mr. Tan. “Also it looks and feels familiar, and with high user adoption we reduced training times.”*

Ken Tan
Managing Director Pulsesync


Pulsesync used the workflow features in Dynamics CRM to recreate forms and forms-based processes in the new platform.

Pulsesync also engineered the new platform, to allow authorised staff outside the home to view and input resident data. They also created a secure integration solution that allows Peacehaven to export reports to the MoH within minutes of receiving a request.

“Dynamics CRM integrates well with Microsoft Office and Outlook,” says Mr. Tan. “Also it looks and feels familiar, and with high user adoption we reduced training times.”

With an easy-to-use tool that manages all resident care-related issues, Peacehaven has improved productivity, expanded service opportunities, increased analytical capabilities and enhanced patient care.

Staff Productivity up 10%
Now, employees and processes are connected in one, easy-to-use system. ”The ability to automate manual tasks leads directly to greater efficiency, and makes time for more patient-focused work,” says Madam Low. “Overall, our productivity has improved by 10 percent. On average, we save 30 minutes per doctor visit, 20 minutes per shift handover, and half an hour per referral. With increased automation, the admission process now takes a few hours, instead of two days.”

Leveraging the Power of XRM
The underlying Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform provides Peacehaven with the much needed flexibility, and the agility to respond to rapid changes in business processes and the healthcare landscape. For example, Pulsesync was able to configure the system to handle new workflow and processes without having to conduct major re-work or development.

Peacehaven also leverages on the xRM platform to manage many non-clinical activities, such as pastoral care and event management. “Now, we are able to introduce new services more quickly,” says Madam Low. “If I want to start another program, I don’t have to design new forms—I just get my staff to register the relevant details, and we start. It’s flexible and very robust.”

Real-time Data Analytics
With all data in one place, Madam Low can make informed decisions that generate new operational efficiencies. “Dynamics CRM is very powerful, because I receive all the information I need at a quicker pace,” says Madam Low. “With good reporting features I can quickly analyse most of our costs, and a 360-degree view of all our activities helps me make good executive and clinical decision.”

Improved Patient Care
By allowing staff to focus their time on their core competencies, Peacehaven achieves better service satisfaction. “With more time and better information, we can cater for individual needs,” says Madam Low. “And now that doctors have the flexibility to study residents’ files whenever and wherever it is most practical, they are able to provide better overall medical care.”

“Most importantly, now our care staff spend more time with each resident, and we all have a clear, coherent picture of what every resident needs,” she adds. “We have the flexible, connected systems to deliver better quality of life to every nursing home resident.”
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Peacehaven Nursing Home is a 401-bed elderly care facility that prides itself on delivering the highest standards of personalised care. The home is owned by the international charitable organisation, the Salvation Army.

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