The essential tools for your start-up!


BizSpark provides you with the full suite of Microsoft Office to get your business started, Azure credits to host your website, development tools to build you prototype and once you're ready you can publish your idea immediately to the Windows store!


In collaboration with the Microsoft Virtual Academy, BizSpark provides you the training you need to accelerate your development and ensure your idea is outpacing the rest of the market!


There are 4 Microsoft Innovation centres around Belgium that host a number of events throughout the year. These help you let off steam and get inspired through learning about the latest technical developments that can impact and boost your business.

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Get free software, training and support

Developer tools, support and training to build apps & scale your business. Technology to get you in the cloud.
On this website we've put together all the benefits that BizSpark has to offer to your business.

Make your business shine!

BizSpark provides you with access to the full version of Microsoft Office.

From creating that next killer pitch in PowerPoint to collaborating with your team in OneNote, writing your next Blog post in Word or preparing your budget in Excel, it's all here, waiting for you!

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Create your website

and host it in the cloud...

A surefire way to generate interest in your idea? Having a place to share it, so others can find out about it. What's that you ask? A website of course.

Azure is your quick and easy way to build and host your own website in the cloud. And thanks to a number of powerful tools, you can edit it or build a brand-new website, using the WordPress plugin.

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The open cloud from Microsoft

Whatever platform you choose you can host it on Azure

The BizSpark program comes with €115 a month of free Microsoft Azure credits. This is more than enough for you to set up your own company website, personal blog and get your next big idea seen by millions!

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Build your prototype!

Just use our suite of tools to create your out-of-the-box application prototype. That's no more expensive development costs! Windows App Studio and Microsoft Project Siena are two such examples.

Whether you're programming in C#, Visual Basic, C++, Java- script? Visual Studio is an industry leading development environ- ment that allows you to design, develop, test, and deploy not just on Microsoft but iOS and Android platforms too!

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Accelerate your development...

Have you got stuck during your development? Feel there is a gap in your knowledge?

The Microsoft Virtual Academy offers online training delivered by experts to help you learn about the latest technology to enhance your skills.

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Scale your business at your speed with the cloud...

You're getting close to launching your great idea on the market but what happens when it's a big success? Will I be able to handle all the requests to my website or the downloads of my app?

Microsoft Azure provides you with the scalability you need to grow your business on your terms!

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Publish your apps and go global!

All done and ready to make your idea go global?

With Bizspark you benefit from a lifetime Windows and Windows Phone developer account so you can publish your apps immediately to the audience of millions worldwide, for life!

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Stop, breathe, learn, move on!

Have you hit that point where you need to take a step back from your start-up development?

Microsoft helps you let off steam and get inspired! At one of our free events you can dive into various areas of technical development.

Just join for free and find out how others enhance their businesses with technology. Specific questions? Let one of our experts help you overcome any technical issues in a one-on-one session.

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Manage your development team...

Building your solution and launching it is only the start. Incorporating insights and feedback, or even failing once or twice are part of the learning process for a start-up.

By incorporating a similar approach to big businesses with Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online you can manage the development cycle across your team. That way you are certain your application and users always benefit from the most up-to-date features. So you continue to stand out!

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