Part 1 Quality app

It all starts with a quality app. But how can you make sure your app is good quality?
Use this checklist!

Plan your App


Why would a user want to use your app? What is your app good at? You want to make something people want to use.

Create purpose

Some of the reasons why someone would use your app:

  • Makes something easier – buying shoes, watching a movie, finding a house you want to buy, etc.
  • Valuable information – sports scores, stock prices, subway schedules, lake conditions for fishing, etc.
  • Pushed information tailored to your interests – notice of a deposit to your account, the expiration of an auction where you are the high bidder, etc.
  • Fun and entertaining – games, Location Based services, Augmented Reality, etc.
  • Saves money or saves time – like Couponing Apps.
  • Solving a problem – you need to earn the place on the users’ device.

Make people happy

Usefulness alone will not make a great app: is the app a pleasure to use? Is it at least easy to use and understand? Do users love it? Really?

Be original

How many clones do we see in the stores? Be bold and DO try something new! Up to you to assess what is missing on the app market and make your idea a reality. What you need is a twist that makes your app special, different, original.


Planning ahead for different form factors, accessibility, monetization, and selling in the global market can reduce your development time and make it easier to create a high quality app and get it certified.


Use the Windows Store user experience guidelines and design patterns. It makes it easier for you to design an app that’s attractive and easy to use. Use the UX checklist.

First impression counts

Apps need to strike a positive cord, immediately. If a user’s initial experience is positive, then they’ll want to use the app again.

Design for a global market

Think outside of your country

Don’t only think of your own language and culture. Go global. Check out the Guidelines and checklist for globalizing your app.

Make your app inclusive.

Make sure your app can be used by everyone:

  • Do not use technical jargon, abbreviations, or acronyms.
  • Avoid culture-specific text or images.
  • Display numeric values, names, and addresses appropriately for global markets.

Plan for quality and certification

Do some reading

Check the Windows Store Certification Guidelines.

Validate and test

To give your app the best chance of being certified, validate and test it on your computer before you submit it for certification and listing in the Windows Store. Use the Windows App Certification Kit (Windows ACK).