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De instructies voor deze download zijn binnenkort in het Nederlands verkrijgbaar. Om u deze informatie zo snel mogelijk te kunnen bieden, hebben we de Engelse instructies meegeleverd.
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      This tool fixes a problem in the Windows XP startup file (boot.ini) that can affect the Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service and prevent it from starting. If your computer is affected by this problem, you will see the following Action to Take in the Windows Live OneCare screen:

      Turn on Antivirus monitoring (At risk)
      Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service could not start. (At risk)

      The problem typically occurs if a third-party tune-up or user interface modification program changes the startup screen that Microsoft Windows XP displays during the boot process. This changes the default kernel file that Windows XP uses to boot, and can prevent the Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service from starting. The Boot.ini repair tool restores this default kernel file and allows the Antivirus service to start.
  • Ondersteund besturingssysteem

    Windows XP Service Pack 2

      The system requirements for the Windows Live OneCare Boot.ini Repair tool runs on any system that meets the requirements for Windows Live OneCare.
    • After you download the file, double-click it to run the program. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

      Restart required:
      This tool requires that you restart your computer in order to allow the Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service to resume working normally. Please save all documents and close your programs before running the tool.