Afrique du Nord Algérie Le Ministère de l’Eau et de l’Irrigation de Jordanie
jeudi, août 05, 2010

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) in Jordan wanted to implement a Web-based collaboration portal to become the central gateway for sharing documents and performance data. Microsoft Jordan recommended Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 for the portal and Web site content management system. As a result of workflow automation, the MWI has saved significant time and money and improved its efficiency in supplying data to stakeholders.

The MWI in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan oversees monitoring of the water sector, water distribution, and wastewater in one of the world’s most water-scarce countries. Its role includes research and development as well as collection of centralised water-related data and consolidation of technical information. The ministry supervises two other institutions—the Water Authority of Jordan responsible for water distribution and sewerage and the Jordan Valley Authority, which manages the socio-economic development of the Jordan Rift Valley.

But information within the ministry was disconnected and usually hard to find. Isam Batainah, Director of Applications, MWI, says: “There was no central place where we could access all the information we needed. Some operational processes were still handled manually and we wanted to speed up the access of information.”

In addition, there were few set processes for document management and compliance, which made the storage, security, retrieval, and backup of documents disorganised and time consuming. Updating content was also challenging. It often required involvement of the MWI IT department since content authors had no tools or specialist skills to implement changes themselves.

Mohammed Zayed, Technology Solution Professional, Microsoft Jordan, says: “Having the documents centralised into one portal was seen as the best way to help employees find information more quickly. Documents resided in different sources and computers across the organisation. It was hard to track versions of these documents and they posed challenges in the backup process. We also needed to structure the information in a portal to reflect the MWI hierarchy of users and departments.”

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