Helping school leaders clarify their vision for 1:1 learning and building an executable framework to bring this to life.

Microsoft and CORE Education bring you the complimentary 21 Steps to 21st century learning workshop in May 2014.

This two-day seminar will explore the planning and implementation of 1:1 learning in your school.


Facilitated by world education leader, Bruce Dixon, the workshop is designed to support school Principals and eLearning leaders to work together. We recommend two leaders attend from each school.

"The presenter was completely engaging, and a master of his knowledge. It was a privilege to be led by somebody who has been there with devices in the classroom since their inception." – Stephen Hensman, Principal, Taradale High School

We invite you to register your interest to attend the workshop in Christchurch: 12th-13th May, or in Auckland: 15th-16th May.


In the workshop you will work through the 5 Phases that outline the Design and Deployment Guide to 1:1 learning:

  • Phase 1 – The Compelling Case for Change: Create a solid foundation for a 1:1 initiative, with a clear vision and actionable, measurable goals.

  • Phase 2 – Redesign Learning and teaching: Focusing on rethinking and redesigning all aspects of teaching practice and the learning experience, based on the information garnered and ideas developed in Phase One.

  • Phase 3 – Lead the Shift: The vision and goals have been set. It’s time to turn the vision into reality, and theory to practice. This phase develops strategies in the key areas of stakeholder engagement, financial models, equity of access, community buy-in and teacher professional growth to support your initiative.

  • Phase 4 – Manage Implementation: Once all the strategies for change are in place and being put into action, schools are ready to plan the actual 1:1 implementation. This implementation covers a range of tasks, including managing the budget, creating a 21st century learning environment, conducting a readiness assessment and establishing critical partnerships, culminating in the actual start

  • Phase 5 – Evaluate Continuously: Effective evaluation of your initiative is the backbone of its success. Without any genuine commitment to such a process, the impact of the previous 20 Steps can be marginal. It underpins the ongoing development of a program and ensures the best possible outcomes for students, staff and the school.

Facilitated by world education leader, Bruce Dixon: Founding Director, ideasLAB + Co-founder, Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation

From a diverse background over 30 years as an educator, educational software developer, business and social entrepreneur, Bruce is focused on moving thinking towards a more contemporary view of what schooling could and should be. Bruce’s work with colleagues throughout the late 80’s and 90’s led, in partnership with local schools, to the development of the first 1:1 initiatives in the world, in schools across Australia.


In 1996 he took the concept to North America, Canada and the UK, before co-foundingthe not-for-profit Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation, which provides thought leadership, advocacy and resources to policy makers and educational leaders for the effective implementation of 1-to-1 initiatives world-wide. His work in pioneering and evangelising the transformative opportunities that ubiquitous access to modern technology offers young learners, has been directly and indirectly responsible for hundreds of thousands, now millions of young people around the world having their own personal portable computers as their preferred medium for learning.


In 2008, he was invited to head ideasLAB, a contemporary research and agile development Lab, focused on what ubiquitous access to technology now makes possible for modern learners. Currently he divides his time between his consulting work with Ministries of Education and corporations in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia, his pro-bono work for the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation, and international speaking commitments.

21 Steps Document Downloads:

Phase 1 & 2 - Download Here

Phase 3 - Download Here

Phase 4 - Download Here

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