Grow a Business

Small businesses need an extra boost to become successful companies in today's challenging economic climate. They need to be able to optimize their limited resources in order to thrive.


The resources below will help small businesses get started

  • Spark your ideas into life with through Microsoft DreamSpark, BizSpark and WebsiteSpark.
  • Learn about Microsoft BizSpark – a program designed to provide New Zealand start-ups with fast, easy access to development tools and production licenses with no up-front costs. BizSpark members get direct access to software, developer tools, technical assistance and server products. Microsoft also helps promote network startups with scalable marketing solutions and visibility.
  • Microsoft WebsiteSpark gives you the tools to ignite your web development or design business. The program provides software and support for professional Web developers and designers at no up-front cost.

  • See how other successful startups are taking advantage of the Microsoft BizSpark network at the Startup Zone – an ongoing blog from Microsoft, network partners and investors that showcases the most recent innovation and information from startups.
  • Take advantage of free tools and resources that can help your startup thrive online. Office Live Small Business offers everything from professional-looking templates and design tools to free Web hosting and online support.
    • Interested in becoming a Microsoft Partner? Learn about the benefits and what it takes at the Microsoft Partner Portal.


Find a learning center close to you and get the right skills for today's workforce.