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So you like AJAX huh?

You may have even read Dino's article back in 1998. Did you know Microsoft is making it easier than ever to build AJAX applications?
Watch Scott Guthrie's introduction video to ATLAS to learn more.?

Did you know Microsoft has free software for building database driven websites?

If you are just getting started with ASP.NET check out the fantastic HOW DO I video series. If you currently build for the web using JSP, PHP or Cold Fusion and you are interested in learning ASP.NET check out learn2asp.

Finally and probably most importantly you are into web standards right?

You might be surprised to learn that Chris Wilson, Group Program Manager of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft swears to live by the standards sword - or end his ten year relationship if Microsoft doesn’t stay true to the standards course.

In a recent post Chris laid it all out on the table.

"I’m sorry Microsoft took an apparent vacation for a few years. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. Go watch Bill Gates’ and Dean Hachamovitch’s keynote addresses from the MIX06 conference, maybe their apologies will mean more. You can continue to stew in that if you want. I’m not asking that people forget that vacation – I don’t expect them to. I’ve moved on, and I’m trying to do the right thing now. There's a difference between stewing in the past, and figuring out where to go from here."

If you are prepared to move on as well make sure you check out what's new in Internet Explorer 7 for developers? Ensure that your website is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 today.

What is happening to Internet Explorer beyond version 7? Check out this discussion about the future roadmap for IE!

Where else is Microsoft supporting web standards?
Have you heard of Expression Web Designer? Microsoft's new tool for designing standards based websites... try it out today!
Also take a look at ASP.NET for Designers.

What about cool Web 2.0 stuff?
Windows Live... Gadgets... My personal favourite is the Windows Live Favorites Toolbar, I absolutely love sharing my favourites across machines!

It is also interesting to follow Ray Ozzie's effort to extend the clipboard user model to the web and the WPF/E project.

Remember to keep yourself informed...


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